Cooktop vs Rangetop

cooktop vs rangetop

Are you moving to a new home or planning to upgrade and it’s difficult for you to choose between a cooktop vs rangetop for your kitchen? You are not alone in this. This guide will help you outline the main differences between the two, emphasize their strengths, and assist you in making an informed decision.

Cooktops and rangetops are quite similar in appearance and function. They don’t have an oven and make the most of the available cabinet space in the kitchen. Today’s cooktops and ranges include intriguing features that will help you improve your culinary skills.

What is a Cooktop?

A cooktop is built-in kitchen equipment that fits into a precise cut-out spot or hole in the kitchen counter. Because the cooktop’s touch controls or knobs are located on top of the cooktop’s surface. The position of the control knobs makes a cooktop ideal for families with children, as their hands will not be able to easily reach the top.

A cooktop has a modern look and is built for everyday household use when it comes to aesthetics and practicality. However, it isn’t particularly powerful, as it just has one primary burner and three or four secondary burners.

What is a Rangetop?

A range top is a slide-in kitchen appliance mounted in front with control knobs or touchscreen controls. It’s designed with a big cutout from the front to the back of the counter, where the kitchen counter meets the backsplash.

As range tops feature more powerful burners and stronger heating capabilities than cooktops, they are best suited for professional and commercial kitchens. They also have a more professional appearance. Furthermore, the dials in front of the stove are conveniently accessible, giving the chef more control.

Similarities between Rangetops and Cooktops

  • They don’t have any ovens.
  • They’re both mounted on top of or above storage units.
  • Both are gas-powered choices.

Difference between cooktop and rangetop

Cooktops and ranges differ mostly in terms of basic aesthetics and installation.

  • Cooktop controls are located on the surface, whilst rangetop controls are located in the front.
  • A rangetop is always installed as a slide-in appliance, which requires the removing some part of the countertop to fit in. After that, the counter is positioned on both sides of it. On the other hand, A cooktop requires a flawless cut-out from the countertop before being installed as a drop-in item. Depending on the countertop’s proportions, the cooktop can be flanked on all four sides.
  • Cooktops usually only have one power burner (along with three or four secondary burners), whereas a normal rangetop may include all power burners.
  • Rangetops larger than 36 inches may easily accommodate a griddle or grill. On other hand cooktops do not come with built-in griddles or grills.

Let’s compare some of the other features to get a better picture of what to get, a cooktop vs rangetop.

Advantages of a cooktop

1. Space

When compared to the average range top, the average cooktop is smaller, so they save more space on your cabinet or countertop. It is fitted or lowered into a hole in the kitchen counter specially carved out for this purpose so cooktops are ideal for small kitchens. A rangetop, on the other hand, requires additional installation space because of its larger size. It takes up more countertop area and may be too large for a small kitchen because it is placed by sliding it in from the front to the backsplash.

2. Safe Option

The average cooktop is smaller than the average range top, so it takes up less space in your cupboard or on your countertop. The cooker is fitted or lowered into a hole in the kitchen counter that has been carved out specifically for it. Cooktops are ideal for tiny kitchens because of this. A rangetop, on the other hand, requires additional installation space because of its larger size. It takes up more countertop area and may be too large for a small kitchen because it is placed by sliding it in from the front to the backsplash.

3. More fuel options

There’s a cooktop for you, regardless of your preferred energy source. If you prefer equipment that cooks food quickly, you can choose a gas cooktop. Electric, induction, or downdraft (which uses your home’s ventilation system) types are also available if you want cleaner fuel sources. Range tops, on the other hand, have only two fuel options: gas and electricity.

4. Cost

Cooktops are less expensive than stovetops. A cooktop might cost anything from $150 to $2,500. Because of their higher heating capabilities, rangetops are more expensive than cooktops. In addition, the higher price they require is due to their more professional look and features. A range top can cost anything from $300 to $4,500.Installing a range top on the countertop or cabinet is also more expensive than installing a cooktop.

5. Ease of cleaning and installation

A cooktop is far easier to clean than a rangetop (especially glass cooktops). This is because cooktops have a continuous installation with the countertop surface, making it simple to clean any crevices that may exist. Second, cooktops are easier to install because they simply need to be dropped into a hole you’ve carved out in your kitchen counter. Installing a range top, on the other hand, necessitates additional effort because the countertop is finished on both sides. You should also think about the backsplash.

Advantages of a rangetop

The advantages of a range top over a cooktop are that it provides the chef with more powerful burners and more cooking space, as well as simpler access to the control knobs.

1. Easy accessibility

Rangetops are more approachable to a cook than cooktops since their knobs or control panels are located in front of the appliance. This also means that you won’t have to reach over hot pots or burners to control the heat because you’ll have easy access. The knobs on cooktops, on the other hand, are located at the top of the surface. When there are pots or pans on the stove, it’s tough to reach the controls if they’re in the back. Second, reaching overheated surfaces might cause your hands to become burned.

2. More cooking area

Because they take up more cupboard space, a range top gives you additional cooking room for preparing various items at once. A cooktop has a smaller cooking space, thus it may be difficult to fit as many pots and pans on it at the same time as a rangetop.

3. Powerful heating

A rangetop has more powerful burners than a cooktop, thus it provides better heating and allows cooks to make dishes faster. This is because they’re made for serious home cooks, professional chefs, and other business needs. All of the burners on certain range tops are power burners.

4. Professional and heavy-duty

Rangetops have professional features like robust knobs and scratch-resistant surfaces, and they can endure the heavy-duty cooking of professional or very busy kitchens. Furthermore, range tops are larger and have more space around them, allowing numerous cooks to prepare for a large group at the same time.
Cooktops, on the other hand, are designed to manage the day-to-day cooking needs of small to medium-sized families.

What to Consider When Making the Purchase between Rangetop Vs Cooktop

In a nutshell, range tops will take up more space, but they are ideal for folks who cook frequently and prefer the traditional grates and feel of a stove top. A cooktop, on the other hand, may be the best appliance for you if you want space, efficiency, and simplicity. When determining which one is right for your kitchen before you give in your money, consider the following points:

  • Which one you choose will be heavily influenced by the size of your kitchen. You’ll need to figure out how much space you have and how much you’re willing to give up.
  • Determine how much cooking you do on a regular basis. If you have a large family or frequently host dinner parties, you will need something substantial, durable, and large to handle your level of use.
  • Will you take use of the several professional features that come standard with a range top? Or do you prefer a more straightforward solution?


Here’s something to think about before we close things up. If you’re buying a rangetop, make sure there’s enough space in the kitchen for proper ventilation. Even without an over-the-range microwave, rangetops are extremely powerful and require sufficient ventilation. Even with an over-the-range microwave, cooktops might use less ventilation.

It’s always wonderful to get a new kitchen item. Appliances, on the other hand, are not something you buy on the spur of the moment. In addition to the purchase price, they necessitate installation and storage space.

Take the time to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this cooktop vs rangetops comparison and make an informed decision about which is the best option for your kitchen.

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