Best Steamer for Bed Bugs

best steamer for bed bugs

Are the bed bugs scaring you and you want to get rid of them? Steam treatment is highly effective in getting rid of bed bugs.

The eggs of bed bugs even die with steamers —no need to recoil in fear when you got the best steamers for bed bugs around you.

Invest in one of them because this is the only proven and preferred way of getting rid of the bed bugs and their eggs effectively. Moreover, bed bugs can survive on blood and live for three months without eating.

Guess what?

A well-fed female bed bug can give 1-5 eggs in a day. It means up to 500 eggs in a lifetime. Therefore, save yourself and invest wisely in the best picks from our comprehensive steamer list:

Best Steamer For Bed Bugs

1. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner- Best Overall

Are you looking for sanitation and cleaning tasks yet without the use of chemicals? Then, this machine can prove itself to be exceedingly reliable and highly efficient.

The company designed the unit with utmost simplicity, outstanding performance, and robustness as its main features. Dupray exudes a larger cleaning capacity for bigger places. You cannot deny its effortless obliteration of grime. Moreover, don’t hesitate to count it as the best steam cleaner for bed bugs. 

Do you know the reason behind its success? 

It eradicates 99.9 percent of unwanted germs to protect the health of its users. Besides, it got numerous useful features to offer to its users for convenient and easy usage in every room. Enjoy your cleaning chores, kill all the bed bugs around, and give shine to the surfaces. 

Brand name Dupray
Cord Length16 ft.
Tank Capacity54 oz.
Heating Capacity7 min
Accessories18 pcs
Weight9 lbs.

Cleaning without Chemicals

It needs no fancy items for cleaning. Only water can be enough for it. You can clean and kill 99.9% of pathogens and germs by sanitizing and disinfecting the place. All thanks to its fantastic and extremely powerful and fantastic steam temperature of up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tank Capacity

The Dupray Neat Cleaner’s tank has a capacity of 54oz of water. It has a great heating time of 7 minutes till the max temperature. As a result, it produces a cleaning time of 50 minutes. For instance, if it fails to do so, the integrated tunnel is the easy option for saving time and filling up quickly.


  • Durable
  • User Friendly
  • Best Pressure
  • Warranty of two years and lifetime warranty for boilers
  • High and quick heating time


  • No resting place of hose on its cleaner
  • Absence of water gauge level

Final Verdict

To sum up, Dupray is the best-pressurized steamer to let you get rid of bed bugs effortlessly. Being lightweight, you can easily carry it to all places. If this fails to cover all the tasks at hand, it fills up quickly with a time-saving integrated funnel. Moreover, you can experience one hour of non-stop steaming power to its output of 50 lbs. / square inch. 

2. PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner- Heavy Duty Cleaner

Undoubtedly, buying a heavy duty cleaner like PureClean just covers a portion of its cost. It does not mean at all that you will compromise on any of its features. Being an affordable version, you can still manage to clean upholstery and manage floors.

You will adore performing your every task with its wide array of features. It got easy-to-roll wheels to complete the cleaning chores seamlessly. Moreover, the wheels make PureClean an accessible version with a weight to be less than 16 pounds. 

Experience its durability with the extendable hose and 16-foot long cord. Despite being affordable, this compact machine has high competency with its competitors. 

Brand name Pure Clean
Cord Length16 ft.
Tank Capacity50 oz.
Heating Capacity10 min
Accessories18 pcs
Weight15.85 lbs.

High Quality in Nominal Price

Did you ever expect a heavy-duty machine at an affordable price? Yes, with this model of PureClean, you got an affordable option at your disposal. No need for additional buying because alone it is the one-man show. You can compare its performance with the other high-priced models too. Clean out the interior or exterior of the house and mark your dream barbecue to come true. 

Long warranty

What a generous warranty of five years indeed for the best heavy duty steamer for bed bugs. No more problem if something breaks down accidentally during this period. 


  • Compact
  • More steam time during the refills
  • Warranty of five years
  • Many accessories
  • The heating time of 8 minutes


  • Flimsy materials lead to users’ burning and leakage on the surfaces
  • Parts made of plastic
  • Many parts reported damage within one year

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the water tank of 1.5ltrs capacity has steam production for more than 45 minutes. Within 8 minutes, it reaches its temperature of more than 200 degrees for disinfecting the surfaces with the critter creatures, bed bugs. Indeed, it is the best heavy duty steamer for bed bugs so you can invest in it without any fear of loss.

3. McCulloch MC1275- Best Accessories For Steam Cleaning 

The pressurized steam of this high-end model provides ultimate cleaning. No matter which part of your house you are cleaning, you can clean it without toxic and harmful chemicals. Also, you will need no long duration of scrubbing. Due to its wide array of accessories, you can virtually clean up any surface quickly.

Reach every corner of the house with the 9-foot long hose and the extremely elongated power cord of 15.7 ft. Within 8 minutes, it is ready for a powered action for 45 minutes. Not to worry about its tank; this has a water capacity of 49 ounces.

Brand name Mc Culloch
Cord Length15.7 ft.
Tank Capacity48 oz.
Heating Capacity8 min
Accessories18 pcs
Weight10 oz.

Many Accessories

You can use it extensively for your cleaning missions with its vast array of accessories. The extra-long cord and the power hose of 9 feet make it a perfect choice for everyone willing to get rid of bed bugs or another dirty thing from any corner.

Are you tired of holding a button for a long time to produce steam? So, a lockdown trigger is perfect for producing steam continuously without causing cramps in your fingers.

Continuous-time of steam

The combination of 48oz. of water with a heating time of 8 minutes till 200 degrees Fahrenheit, will deliver sustained steam for 45 minutes. Continuous high heat is ideal for the disinfestation of redbugs and their eggs.


  • Many accessories and a long power cord
  • Not too much heavy
  • Option of trigger lock
  • Big capacity tank
  • Warranty of two years


  • Less availability of the spare parts
  • Steam power is low

Final verdict

You can add it to your buying list if you wish for many accessories for its cleaning mania. Moreover, its hose and the long cord are cherries on top. Many people find its temperature not high enough. Though, I believe if it produces steam. It is perfect for killing bed bugs.

4. Steamfast SF-370WH- Best Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

You will love to buy this best steamer to kill bed bugs. This multi-purpose model is lightweight and easy to use. However, you don’t need high-end materials for the cleaning. Alone tap water is enough to clean and let you get rid of odors and pests issues.

Steamfast cleaner got 15 attachments. Every attachment has a different purpose of helping its users in their tasks. Guess what! It also got a steam mop for cleaning the sealed floors. Despite being a compact and lightweight model, it is the best cleaner for red bugs.

So let us dive into its specifications to make you sure of your selection:

Brand name SteamFast
Cord Length15.4 ft.
Tank Capacity45 oz.
Heating Capacity8 min
Accessories15 pcs
Weight8.4 lbs

Light Weight

It just weighs 8 pounds which is super light and too easy for the users to carry around. Moreover, the long power cord also facilitates movement to any nook and corner without changing the machines’ direction many times. Still, if you wish to carry it, no issue because it is lightweight. However, don’t carry it if it has hot water in it.

Multi Purpose

No model can beat its versatility. It got numerous attachments at an affordable price. So, you can experience the multi-functional and the best steamer for bed bugs at a nominal cost.


  • Super light
  • Affordable
  • High quality
  • More accessories
  • Inexpensive


  • Low Pressure
  • Slightly Noisy

Final Verdict

You will like using this model in a variety of functions. The release lock of steam lets you use steam when required or continuous steam. The tank of 45oz water enables you to steam clean for 45 minutes continuously. The water gets ready after heating for 8 minutes. Therefore, you will love the steam cleaning’s more delicate detailing with the sufficient heat supply to kill the bed bugs and other bacteria, germs, and viruses. 

5. Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System- Best Lightweight Steamer for Red Bugs

Are you scared of investing in steamer? But you will be proud of this best steamer to kill the red bugs without fail. Your investment has no risk because the company provides a lifetime warranty. It quickly heats 10 minutes up to 210-220 degrees Fahrenheit. Every tank can heat up and provide steam cleaning for nearly an hour. 

That’s not all!

It has multiple accessories to assist you in your cleaning chores. Moreover, the company provides a small bag too to keep all your accessories safely in one place. You can view some of its features to be confident with your selection:

Brand name Vapamore
Cord Length18 ft.
Tank Capacity54 oz.
Heating Capacity11 min
Accessories21 pcs
Weight10.5 lbs.

Big Capacity Tank

It can provide steam cleaning for an hour. This period is the long steam cleaning period expected from the majority of steamers. The heater of 1500w and long continuous cleaning time makes it ideal and the best steam cleaner for red bugs.

Moreover, the dipstick let you check the water level before you get out of water. So, nothing can come in between your cleaning missions when you got Vapamore M-100 for yourself.

Lifetime Guarantee

The company provides a lifetime guarantee for its electrical parts and boilers to facilitate its users. Owners of Vopamore M-100 enjoy the lifetime guarantee and relaxation of friendly customer service in the whole lifetime.


  • Dipstick for water level
  • Spacious capacity of water tank
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Versatile accessories
  • An hour of heating per tank is worthwhile.


  • Expensive option for homes
  • Long heating period

Final Verdict

Does the question arise whether you will prefer this unit or not? Indeed, you can trust this award-winning model of the leading and renowned consumer digest. The spacious tank for an hour of cleaning and numerous accessories let it stand ahead of the crowd. Moreover, the high heat is sufficient for letting you to get rid of bed bugs and germs. 

6. PurSteam Handheld Bed Bug Steamer- Most Powerful handheld steamer

So far, our list had all the heavy duty steam cleaners. You do not need to call professional pest controllers. But for a small infestation of bed bugs, you need a small handheld.  

When you got so many handheld steamers for bed bugs, it is tough to choose the best one! We will help with your selection. There is no need to go here and there if you got a Pur Steam Handheld Bed Bug Steamer available.

This handheld bug steamer of PurSteam produces almost 30% greater steam than the remaining models of handheld. The big tank lets you clean easily. It has a 250 ml tank which takes a heating time of 3-4 minutes. Within no time, it gets ready for usage with its intense pressure. Let us look at the specifications to know more about this best handheld steamer for bed bugs.

Brand name PurSteam
Cord Length9.8 foot
Tank Capacity250 ml
Heating Capacity3-4 minutes warm up
Accessories9 pcs
Weight2.2 lbs


There are numerous options for the best steamers. But this one fits in the handheld steamer at an affordable price. Indeed, it is a complete package without creating a burden on your pockets and a preferred choice for the users.

Cleaning Purpose

PurSteam lets you disinfect your place without using any harsh chemicals. It ultimately pressurizes steam for its users to get rid of bacteria, bed bugs, germs, viruses and mold, grimes, grease, and stains.  


  • Budget-friendly
  • 3-4 minutes heat uptime
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Steam pressure up to 212F
  • Excellent Handheld steamer


  • No gauge for water level

Final Verdict

Therefore, finally, your search for the best handheld steamer for bed bugs is over. Your small bed bug infestation does not need commercial or heavy-duty steamers. This handheld steamer can provide enough steam to kill the red bugs without any fail. Moreover, it will not create a hole in your pocket. 

7. Bissell 3624 Steam Handheld: Excellent Handheld Steamer

It is the best handheld steamer for bed bugs. Whether you are dealing the bed bugs on a professional or small scale, it proves itself to be the best with its many features. Being a carpet cleaner, it needs clean solutions. Still, it produces enough heat to deal with the bed bugs and their eggs. 

No matter whatever place it is, your upholstery, or your carpets, you can get rid of those awful critters, red bugs without any fail. The steam and the heat produced by it are sufficient for killing the eggs and the bed bugs. Don’t take these bed bugs to be insignificant; little carelessness can lead to trouble for weeks again. 

Brand name Bissell
Cord LengthNearly 20 foot
Tank Capacity96 oz.
Heating CapacityNot more than 190 degrees
Accessories19 pcs
WeightLess than 14 lbs.

Flexible hose

The 5-foot hose is flexible and provides the chance of cleaning every nook and corner wherever you want. So, you do not leave any risk of infestations of bed bugs left in your house. 

Cleaning solution

This best handheld steamer for bed bugs does need a cleaning solution. It is preferable for the carpets. But, what is the big deal when you can use it with mattresses too?


  • Flexible, long power cord
  • Large water tank
  • Powerful suction
  • 3 easy snapping brushes
  • Flexible hose


  • Cracked hoses
  • Tipping off tanks
  • Noisy

Final Verdict

Getting rid of bugs is not a difficult task with this excellent handheld steamer. It got a powerful suction, so it will let you dry on quickly by sucking the excessive moisture. 

Buying Guide

Are you still confused about buying the best handheld steamer for bed bugs or the other steamers? We will provide a buying guide to help you out in your selection according to your needs, taste, and budget. Keep these things in mind before buying the best steamer for bed bugs.

Tank Size

It will let you determine the steaming time of the steamer. It is the waiting time for heating up and refilling time. Hence, you need to hold the steamer for a minute in a place for the optimal killing of bed bugs. Just move it slowly on the surface. It might take hours. If you want to save up time and do the bed bug infestation quickly, invest in the big steamers. 

Make sure to pay attention to the pressure valve and its opening time for refilling. 


PSI is the measuring unit of pressure. It is the acronym of pressure square inch. Steamers with a PSI of more than 40 are good steamers and intelligent choices for buyers. 

Duration of heating time

It requires a lot of patience to clean your mattress, bed frame, or anything with steam helps. The user needs to move slowly along the surface. The longer heating time of the machine will prolong the infestation treatment of the red bugs. It is the primary reason behind considering the heating time of your steamers’ tanks. 

The temperature of steam at the nozzle

The remote temperature sensor can help you out in your quest. Furthermore, it will help in the determination of the steam’s exact temperature. For the successful killing of the bed bugs, the temperature must lie around 120F. 200F will be a safe play because steam emits heat before leaving the tank. 


What should be the temperature to kill bed bugs?

A temperature of 160 to 180 degrees on the surfaces is preferable for killing bed bugs. However, steam should be around 210-230 Fahrenheit.

What is the survival of bed bugs in water?

Bed bugs drown in agitated water, such as washing machines. They are more likely to die in water with a temperature above 150 degrees. 

Our Thoughts

In a nutshell, we got the best steamers for bed bugs on our list. Still, you need to choose the best one according to your needs and budget. Remember that the bed bugs in contact with steam will die only. So, you must not use a pinpoint nozzle only because it will blow away the bed bugs.  

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