6 Smart Winter Moving Tips

winter moving tips

Life circumstances rarely adapt to our wishes, so sometimes we have to consider winter moving. Take some secrets and moving tips from experts. Specialists tell why it is necessary to follow weather forecasts, how to pack things correctly, and how to plan the moving day in the best way.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast 

Winter weather is extremely changeable, but it’s not just about temperature fluctuations in weather forecasts. Heavy snow, ice, or other extreme conditions may force you to postpone the move for several days. That is why you should plan your travel time in advance and know what to expect on moving day.

Prepare Both Homes for the Move 

In winter, you have to prepare both houses for moving: both the house from which you are moving things and your new home.

● Prepare engineering communications, in particular, the heating system, and agree on the connection of the router.

● Make sure there is enough parking space near your new home. In snowy weather, take care of clearing the road so that the moving truck can get as close as possible to the door.

● Organize outdoor lighting, as daylight hours are shorter in winter.

At the place of departure, turn off the lights, heaters, and all other appliances. Also, turn off the water, and close windows, and doors. These are elementary, but necessary safety measures.

Check-in With Your Movers a Week, and a Day Before the Moving Day 

Winter weather is not only beautiful snowflakes but also problems on the roads. Make sure that your plans still are common with your moving company ones, nothing has changed.

Protect Your Belongings from Harsh Weather 

Most belongings are sensitive to damp weather and low temperatures. Protect your property at the packing stage. Algorithm for preparing belongings for moving:

● Fragile items must be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in cardboard boxes.

● Place mattresses and blankets in moisture-proof covers.

● Pack electronics in polyethylene and strong boxes, and fix boxes with tape. Move it when the cabin is warm enough because winter storage is not good for any technique.

Protect wooden items with plastic wrap.

The algorithm for transferring things from the house to the car is also very important. First, loaders move heavy and bulky items, for example, furniture. After that — the rest of the property. Each element must be delivered and fixed so that during the movement of the moving truck, the boxes cannot move arbitrarily in the cabin.

Pack an emergency kit 

This list consists of things like:

● First aid kit;

● Warm blankets;

● Ice shovel and scraper;

● Snack and drink water.

You need to have quick access to these items, so this suitcase should be packed last.

Start Early in the Day

Winter days are short and moving takes time. Make arrangements for truck rental as early as possible. The sooner you start, the more likely you are to arrive before dark. Moreover, as the evening approaches, it gets colder outside. This is another good reason to start in the morning.

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