What to Put Under Mounted TV?

what to put under mounted tv

A wall mounted tv saves a great deal of space, but what do you put behind it? That is the most widespread problem encountered by anyone who has ever hung a television. We are here to answer that question. This typically happens almost every time, when a TV is hung on a wall with nothing beneath it, the wall seems unbalanced.

There is a lot to consider while placing anything with a Wall mount tv and placing furniture seems like the obvious choice. But, first and foremost, wall-mounting a flat-screen is a solution for small spaces; where would you put another piece of furniture?

Then there’s the issue of the dangling cables. What’s the deal with the tangle of annoyances? We’ve discussed solutions and alternatives to all of these issues. Hopefully, these will come across to you at the appropriate time.

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How to Cover Cords

Covering the unsightly cords is a big part of decorating beneath the mounted TV. We can’t ignore them since they exist. However, they must be hidden. Whether you want to put furniture under the TV or decorate a wall surrounding it, a cable management solution is essential.

Some of these ideas include:

  • Drilling holes on the back of furniture for cable installation.
  • Using shelves with hidden cable compartments.
  • Using a cable organizer with mounts.
  • To bundle the cables or PVC pipe, use tape.

Ideas for What to Put Under Mounted TV

The first step is to determine how much space you have under and around your wall-mounted television. If you have a large living room, you’ll probably need some media furniture to organize and confine your media equipment in the home entertainment area. Large media consoles, buffets, bookcases, and even a dresser are all viable possibilities. If you have a big TV, media furniture might help it look less solitary and conspicuous.

Adding more furniture, on the other hand, isn’t a good idea in a tiny room. You can conserve space by leaving the floor space beneath the television empty. Instead, you can embellish it in a variety of ways (using wall decor.)

Consider how many media devices you have in your home entertainment center, in addition to the size of the room. If you have multiple devices linked to your television, such as TV speakers, cable boxes, Blu-ray players, and game consoles, you should store them in a closed cabinet. In small spaces, alternative storage choices (if you don’t have a cabinet) will be required. This is where cable organizers on wall shelves come in handy. Some TV mounts will also provide you with more room for this.

1. Furniture Under the Mounted TV

Use furniture that is at least slightly longer than the size of your television screen to keep the unit balanced. When it comes to choosing the right furnishings, personal choice can play a factor.

2. Buffets

Buffets are ideal for placing in front of a flat-screen TV for a multitude of reasons: they’re stylish, practical, and spacious. They can handle a wide range of commercial responsibilities.

3. Floating Shelves

Any TV fan looking for something economical and simple to assemble may choose a floating under TV shelf. Shelves integrate your TV into the overall decor of the room, eliminating the box look and allowing a lot of adaptabilities. You have the ability to rearrange the devices and accessories on your shelves at any time.

4. Bench

A small bench beneath the TV will comfortably accommodate it. As a result, your television will not appear to be visually heavy.

5. Dresser

Similarly, never place your TV too close to a piece of fine furniture, such as a wooden dresser, on the wall. Installing a wall-mounted TV is the ideal solution if you have a small living room. A dresser is an excellent storage solution for all of your belongings, including devices.

6. Gallery Wall

Around the TV, create a gallery wall. It should be treated as if it were a different image. This TV role switching is not only convenient, but it also enhances the appearance of the living room.

7. TV Above Fireplace

Display accessories and decor vignettes can be stored on a tiny shelf or even a ladder without taking up much space. Just make sure all items don’t block the screen.

8. Houseplants

Irrespective of whether you place furniture behind the TV or not, this is a fantastic home setting. Adding some green plants can make the area a lot friendlier.

9. Large Statement Art

To complement the larger statement item, many gallery walls use a slew of smaller frames. However, if the television is your focal point, you may discover that a gallery of large statement paintings is required. It will appear that your TV belongs once the sizes are more similar.

10. Build A Pallet Background

Who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of whitewashed wood in a rural setting? Paint the board white and make a sort of pallet background for your mounted TV. If you want your television to blend in a little more, you can leave it bare.

11. Place Your TV On An Accent Wall

Is a small pallet frame insufficient for your rustic home? Make a pallet accent wall for your TV to be mounted on. When the entire wall is made of wood, everything you place on top is bound to look fantastic.

12. Surround Your TV With Bookshelves

A bookcase is a perfect place to customize and decorate. With them to frame your mounted TV, you’ll have all the room you need to decorate for all the seasons and holidays you want.

13. Backlight Your TV

Consider installing a backlight behind your TV if you want to make the area around your mounted TV clutter-free while still making it seem better than a blank wall. This light comes in a variety of colors to fit your decor and will really make your TV stand out. On Fantastic View Point, have a look at this simple yet beautiful TV setup with a blue backlight. As you can see, this is an excellent option for individuals with large wall-mounted televisions.

14. Embrace Your Minimal Side

For the minimalist look keep the wall behind the TV crisp, clean, and simple. You can totally use lamps around your television as long as you keep them to the sides of the screen (and keep them off while the TV is in use to prevent glare).

15. Get Your DIY On

Do you prefer a more understated look? Keep the walls basic and clean. Use the DIY ideas that you have learnt from the internet or from your art craft classes.

Our Take!

To determine which wall to mount a television on, consider the angle from which it will be viewed. For example, living room seating ideas may define which wall you will naturally face watching TV. This could indicate that the optimal location for the TV is above a fireplace on the wall. As discussed what to put under mounted tv ideas, one more thing to notice is the symmetry. This can play a role, and most fantastic TV wall designs revolve around this. Other factors to consider include how the current setup works – do you want the TV to be the focal point, or is something else already doing so? After answering all these questions, you are good to go!

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