Wet Bar Vs Dry Bar? Why Dry Bars Are All The Rage

wet bar vs dry bar

What Is The Difference Between a Wet Bar Vs Dry Bar?

Both a wet bar and a dry bar are excellent design features that allow socializing at home to be much more convenient for the host or hosts. A dry bar is a customized space inside your house, generally equipped with a big countertop or bar, in which you might create cocktails and keep your different kinds of liquors, cocktails, and mixers, among other things.

Conversely, a wet bar is exactly what it sounds like: a wet bar. A wet bar in its most basic form, is a sink with flowing water added to a bar top or countertop with storage space for liquor, mixers, and glassware. A dry bar is characterized by the absence of a sink and the presence of merely a space where you may make beverages. The only technical distinction is a change in the way the bar is designed, as one requires plumbing to be connected, while the other doesn’t. 

However, this provides them with both advantages and disadvantages that should be weighed prior to making a decision as to which would better suit your life and entertaining style. 

A Wet Bar Is Preferable To A Dry Bar In The Some Entertainment Situations

Wet bars first gained popularity in the 1970s, when individuals began to explore the design freedom of transforming their gaming rooms, basements, and outdoor areas into social gathering places.

When you’re making drinks, you may find yourself needing to rinse off the glasses you’re using for the first round before proceeding to the next. Alternatively, you might clean out the mixer that you were using to prepare margaritas. Going back to the kitchen to make additional drinks may be a hassle, especially if you have a separate area where you usually entertain that is not connected to the kitchen. This can pull you away from the party as well as cause it to be less enjoyable for the host or hostess.

A wet bar will allow you to be more available for your visitors, as well as more confident in your ability to provide more sophisticated cocktails on your menu. Cleaning up spills and doing routine dishwashing will be much easier as a result of this arrangement.

The addition of a wet bar may be fitted into the area that you will use for entertaining. They can be enormous and utilized as a point of focus or small and concealed in a corner. However, wet bars have recently been replaced in popularity by dry bars. 

Why Dry Bars Have Become All The Recent Rage

The most apparent reason to go for a dry bar vs wet bar is obviously the cost savings that may be realized between a wet and dry setup. Because you won’t have to face the prospect of needing to install any additional plumbing for something like a dry bar, the procedure will be much more seamless.

Cellarette are becoming more popular, and combining them with a dry bar may be a winning mix in certain situations. Dry bar furniture often comes as a set with cabinets and bar in coordinating designs, and other furniture pieces which comprise an entire bar setup. 

Almost every area of a home can accommodate a dry bar with relative ease. Everything you need now is a little additional room and a handy location where you may set up your personal mixers and beverages and you can begin mixing and shaking cocktails anywhere in your home.

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Which Set Up Is Ideal For Your Home?

You’ve been thinking of adding a wet bar or perhaps a dry bar to your house for a long time now, but you’re not sure where to start. If you already know where to start planning the space for your bar, you may browse dry bar furniture websites to choose your dry bar furniture and have the worth of your at-home entertainment doubled in an instant.

You’ve already earned the reputation of being the entertainer with the most. Take things to another level by serving some beverages in a classy manner from your new bar setup. 

Some Features Found In Dry Bar Furniture 

Storage for stemware and glasses. 

Glassware storage may be found plenty in many top cabinets, cupboards, and buffets. Hanging racks and shelves may be used to store and arrange glasses and champagne flutes, making cleanup a breeze.


Creating drinks isn’t difficult for most people. Every bartender understands that working in an open environment makes preparing cocktails even more convenient. Look for components that include butcher block inlays or a spot where you can execute simple jobs such as chopping limes and lemons, among other things. If you really want bar shelving with a countertop, a buffet is a good choice because they can simultaneously mix drinks plus serve food.

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