How to Remove Scratches from Vinyl Flooring

how to remove scratches from vinyl flooring

One of the newest flooring trends is vinyl flooring. It offers your home a majestic look on an under-budget investment. Scratches in vinyl flooring may disturb the glamour of your entire home. This article will help you to resolve your concern about scratches on vinyl floors.
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How to Get Scratches Out of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is cheaper than laminate and hardwood flooring. They provide you with better waterproofing and durability due to the presence of extensive layers. They are the best addition to your hallways and porches. They can withstand heavy loads and are easy to sweep and clean. Vinyl planks, vinyl rolls, and vinyl tiles are the three different layouts for vinyl flooring. Vinyl planks give the best imitation of laminate or hardwood floors. For this reason, they are the most recommended ones.

Methods to Remove Scratches from Vinyl Flooring

You can use the mentioned tips to fix scratches in vinyl flooring.

1. Using Scratch Remover

Mild scratches from your vinyl floor can be removed easily by using scratch removers. First, clean your floor using a broom and a damped cloth. Then apply the scratch remover over the scratch and rub it lightly. Wait for a minute and see the results. We hope that it will help to cope with light scratches.

2. Using Oil-Based Liquid

If you don’t have scratch remover at home, you can switch to this option. You can use oil-based solutions. The method to use them is similar to the previous one. Just clean the floor and then spray the liquid over the scratch. Wipe it using a clean cloth.

3. Using Touch Up Marker

This is another easiest way to get your vinyl flooring free from scratches. Use a clean cloth to remove dirt from the floor. Then, fill the scratch by using a touch-up marker. Rub the cloth over it again and examine the results.

4. Using a Vinyl Floor Repair Kit

If the scratches are deep and extensive, buy a vinyl floor repair kit from your nearest flooring store. Although this method is quite expensive, it provides you with numerous DIYs along with instructions to use. But before using any of the techniques make sure your floor is neat and clean. No mark of debris should be left.

5. Using Waxy Materials

If your concern is deep scratches and gouges, then use the following method:

  1. As mentioned earlier, clean your floor first to make the scratches and gouges visible.
  2. Use Fine gritting sandpaper and sand over the scratch.
  3. Again remove the dirt and debris after sanding
  4. Gently, apply the wax paste over the gouges in circular motions. Buff the area using a paper towel.
  5. Check whether the scratches are concealed and the floor feels smooth and regular. If yes, then use this method to fix scratches on the entire floor.

Things that May Lead Your Vinyl Flooring to Scratch

Admitting the fact that vinyl flooring is the best alternative for laminate or hardwood flooring, but like all, it also suffers wear and tear. Below are some of the unnoticed facts that may cause your vinyl floor to scratch:

● Dragging furniture over vinyl flooring may cause it to scratch. The vinyl floor may develop dents and depressions if heavy furniture is placed over it for a long time.
● If your tamed animals have pointed nails, they may scratch your vinyl flooring.
● Pieces of broken glass and mirrors can abrade your vinyl flooring.

Tips to Protect Vinyl Flooring from Scratch

If your vinyl flooring is new and free from scratches, then follow these cautions to keep it smooth and shiny:

● Don’t push or pull your furniture roughly over the vinyl flooring.
● Make sure your pets have appropriately trimmed nails.
● Use your fragile utensils with utmost care.

Wrap Up

The above-listed methods will surely help to remove mild scratches on your vinyl flooring. In case, you have a damaged plank then you must need to replace it immediately. Seek a professional worker to assist you to remove the damaged planks in cost-effective ways.

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