It’s crucial that the borders of the new tiles you installed for your home renovation project have a tidy, sharp appearance. Exposed tile edges can be dangerous if someone walks on them or runs their hand down the edge, in addition, it looks ugly.

When covering exposed tile edges or making them appear completed, you have a few alternatives. Caulk, metal or plastic molding, and even personalized bullnose trim are all options. By covering the exposed edges, you’ll not only prevent accidents but also extend the lifespan of your tile by avoiding wear and cracking.

It’s advisable to use wall paint to finish the work if any areas require a little touch-up or still appear shabby. Filling in the uneven areas around the edge that are difficult to reach with silicone caulk will be aided by a small amount of paint.

The ideal method for accomplishing this is to utilize a caulking tool to aid in applying the sealant. Doing so will ensure that the silicone caulk adheres to the exposed tile edges.

This article will explain how to polish exposed tile edges and what to keep in mind while you work.

4 Ways to Finish Off the Tile Edges Look Finished

1. Use Silicone Caulk

Making use of silicone caulk is crucial. This is the best material for a job like this and will guarantee that the finished exposed tile edge appears tidy. It all begins with the correct investment when learning how to caulk tile edges. The best silicone caulk to use is one that is 100% pure.

When it comes to finishing and how watertight the seal will be, silicone caulk works best. The main purpose is to keep the water from damaging the finish. This is what silicone caulk does well.

2. Apply Caulk In An Even Line

You must start with the application stage while learning how to complete the outside edge of a tile in a shower. This involves using silicone caulk to seal an exposed tile edge.

Once you start spreading it, you need to make sure it is done evenly. If required, employing a caulking tool is part of this. To ensure that it looks visually nice, you want it to be smooth. It will appear strange and inappropriate if you apply it haphazardly. Take your time to complete this process correctly.

3. Fill Uneven Edges With Wall Paint

Which method will most completely conceal a tile’s cut edge is a question you need to answer before trying out these methods. Mistakes are made in this area. It goes beyond just caulking the borders in silicone. You should also consider those difficult-to-reach spots that will stand out under careful inspection.

In the area where the silicone caulk fails, what should you do? For the little spaces that run around the edges of a tile, use wall paint in a complementary color.

4. Test The Seal

One of the biggest errors one may make when trying to do things correctly is this. You must make sure the seal functions as intended and looks beautiful. Otherwise, the tiles will deteriorate with time, especially the edges.

Apply it evenly, making sure there are no gaps, and then finish. Wall paint is good for edges because of this. It aids in providing comprehensive coverage and guarantees the finishing is in line with your preferences.

Final Thoughts

Take your time with this step because the exposed tile edge is frequently vulnerable to harm. Use premium silicone caulk, and apply it in a thin line. To check that it is not clumped together, you may even use your fingertips.

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