How to Get Paint Off Laminate Floor

how to get paint off laminate floor

It is normal for paint to drip or splash on your laminate floor when making home improvement projects like painting a house. You can use a damp rug to clean it up when you catch it early.

The addition of a fresh paint coat lets you enhance the beauty of bright colors, a welcoming touch to a room, and a refreshing feel. Sometimes, while painting a new room, an accidental spill of paint occurs during your project of home improvement.

You will probably be able to clean it just with some normal water if you find the paint before it dries. Before you notice, the dripping of paint onto your floor, however, is not uncommon.

It is a little more difficult to clean it up before it has dried. It is quite simple to remove paint off the laminate floor by using the right floor cleaner solutions.

There are many cleaning items available that can play an effective role in removing paint. Solvents like rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, and spirit are the best cleaning solutions for wiping dried paint.

There is a belief that the creation of homemade solutions to clean up the stains of paint does not efficiently work. In this article, we will focus on how to get paint off laminate floors. Let’s start.

Structure of Laminate Flooring

Before proceeding further on how to wipe off laminate floors, the most important thing is to understand the structure of laminate floors. A laminate floor is incredible because it is durable and almost nothing can cause significant damage or scratches.

One thing to keep in mind while cleaning the laminate floor is the amount of water used.
The only drawback of laminate flooring is that a large amount of water seeps inside crevices and cracks and results in irreversible swelling. It goes a long way when using water for the removal of paint from laminate floors.

Difference between popular types of paint

When it comes to refreshing the paint of the walls inside a house, there are two popular kinds of paint. Both paint types are easy to manage and wipe off laminate floors.

However, the knowledge of chemical structure differences makes you understand the cleaning solvents to use against the obstinate paint marks.

For home improvement projects, acrylic and latex paint are commonly used and purchased paints.

Latex paint does not contain a lot of chemicals and is water-based. As there is water present in the paint and normally easy to lift off wood and laminate floors.

On the other hand, acrylic paint contains chemicals and sometimes forms a stronger bond with the surface. It is important to use a cleaning solution containing natural paint thinner qualities to break through the chemical bonds when cleaning acrylic paints.

The first step is to remove stains of paint

Chipping away and loosening up the dried paint is the perfect way to make the process of cleaning easy and effective when the spillage of paint is large.

Inexpensive tools like a scraper, putty knife, or scrapper life the dried paint effectively from the cabinets or floor.

Prior to using a scraper to wipe off paint from the laminate floor, make sure to wear protective gloves to avoid accidental cutting of one.

At the edge of the paint spill gently press a sharp tool and move forward to lift off the dried paint. Make sure and be careful to avoid exerting too much force.

Before using a cleaning solvent, chipping away at a large paint spillage saves time. At the end of the cleaning process to wipe the remains of paint on laminate flooring use putty knives and scrapers.

How to Remove Paint from Laminate Floor
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How to Remove Paint from Laminate Floor – 6 Effective Ways

1. Use of Acetone

Acetone is the best substitute for paint thinners, also commonly known as nail polish remover. Utilizing acetone to wipe the laminate floor, the ingredients break through the bonds formed by the paint.

One more positive point of using acetone is that the solvent quickly evaporates, which means the solution of paint remover works efficiently.

Take a clean cloth and damp with acetone and use it on the paint spill. Pour a little nail polish remover on the stain directly and loosen it gently with a clean cloth if you have a large, dried paint spill.

For a few minutes, after letting the acetone break through the paint, wipe it with a soaked cloth in warm water. Repeat the cleaning steps if there is still a little paint on the surface.

2. Liquid Dish Soap

Wiping off a tough layer of grease on your dishware is not the only dish soap usage. The ingredients present in liquid dish soap work well to remove paint from the laminate flooring.

Dried paint residues get dissolved because of the cleaning agents present in dish soap and lose them and make the spill of paint easy to remove. Another plus point of dish soap is the disinfection of the surface as it loosens the spill of paint.

Dish soap paint remover

  • Water 1 cup
  • Vinegar 1 cup
  • Rubing alcohol 1 cup
  • Liquid dish detergent 2 tablespoons

There are many ways to combine this DIY cleaning agent. The first method is to make an excellent solution of laminate flooring and pour it into a spray bottle and spray on the residues of paint on laminate flooring.

Another method for homemade laminate floor cleaner is to take a bucket and combine all the cleaning agents and a soft cloth is used to cover the spillage of paint. Let the cleaning agent sit on the spillage for 5 minutes. Whichever solution you use, allow the cleaning agent to settle down before cleaning with a clean cloth.

3. Rubbing Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol is one of the great paint removers. It is simple and effective to use rubbing alcohol to remove paint either removing paint from vinyl or floor.
The high alcohol content in the cleaning agent removes dried and stubborn paint from the laminate floor and makes it easy and simple to clean. Another advantage of using it is that it also removes marks from clothes.

Put a paper towel piece in a solution of isopropyl alcohol and use it on the paint spill. Make sure that the whole paint spill is covered with rubbing alcohol and allow the solution to sit for five minutes on the affected area.

Take cool water and soak a clean cloth to clean the rubbing alcohol and paint. When you utilize rubbing alcohol, it is manageable to remove the paint from laminate flooring.

4. Window cleaner

Whether you believe it or not, a window cleaner works like magic to remove paint. It is a simple and effortless way to remove paint from laminate flooring by using an ammonia-based window cleaner.

If you do not have any other paint thinners, utilizing window cleaner is also efficient to remove paint spills. There is no need to rush to remove paint spills when you have a window cleaner.

The chemical bonds of dried paint get soaked by an ammonia-based window cleaner. On the affected area, spray a generous amount of window cleaner and allow it to settle down for five minutes on the surface.

Use a cloth or damp paper towel to clean up the paint spill. Scrap the remains of paint spots off the floor with a razor blade or putty knife.

5. Vinegar

Naturally, vinegar is very acidic, making it an incredible cleaning agent without having harsh chemicals. To break through the tough build-up of grease, grime, dirt, and even dried paint, use vinyl floors with vinegar and use vinegar alone or baking soda.

Be careful while using vinegar to wipe off paint spills because the high amount of liquid will affect the laminate flooring.

Take one cup of white vinegar and mix it with warm water in a large bucket. Use a mop or a clean cloth to wipe the dried paint till the area has a cleaning solution.

For 5 minutes, allow the vinegar to break through the chemical compounds. To clear away the mark and stain and make the floor naturally shine, use a soft cloth and cold water to wipe off.

6. Denatured Alcohol

There is no need to refinish the whole area if you spill acrylic or latex paint. Consider using denatured alcohol to clean up the spillage instead.

Using denatured alcohol for paint spills possesses many benefits. It not only acts as a cleaning solvent but is also used as a surface disinfectant.

Another advantage of having it is that it can remove paint from wooden floors.
Take a clean cloth and soak it in denatured alcohol and scrub thoroughly the drips of paint. We suggest combining the cleaning powder of denatured alcohol with a scrapper to eliminate dried paint as quickly as possible.

After cleaning the paint spill from the laminate floor, use a warm water-soaked cloth to remove any remains of denatured alcohol.


We hope you’re clear with your query that how to get paint off laminate floor. It is not the end of the world if any accidental paint spillage occurs. In your household, there are many easy ways to find specific cleaning agents. The products mentioned above are best to remove paint spills and dried paint. Avoid covering the whole area as too much water causes irreversible surface damage.

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