How to Ensure that you get the Right Fireplace Doors?

tips to pick right fireplace doors

Fireplace glass doors serve both functional and aesthetic purposes in the home. The glass doors used in the fireplace were created initially to eliminate chimney drafts after a fire has been put out. In the modern world, the fireplace glass door is more than just a functional tool in preventing drafts, and it is an accessory that offers numerous benefits for the fireplace and the home.

It is vital to get the right glass door for the fireplace. Fireplace glass doors contribute to the efficiency of the fireplace in the home. They also make the fireplace and home safe and secure.

Fireplace glass doors are available to you in different selections of styles, which allows you to settle for options that best fit your fireplace and home.

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Fireplace doors are available in different types. They are,

Cabinet Doors

The cabinet door is also popularly referred to as the twin-styled door. They are made up of two panes of glass that meet at the center of the fireplace. This door type opens like a cabinet, hence the name cabinet door.

They make your fireplace energy efficient because the seams on the glass are few compared to the other door types. They also allow you unrestricted access to the fireplace because the doors open fully.

The design of cabinet doors is simple yet elegant.

Bi-Fold Doors

A bi-fold door has two pieces of glass per door, which allows each door to fold in half. Each door has a seam in the middle that allows it to fold to one side when they are opened. These are great for smaller fireplaces or where there is a concern of the doors hitting walls or other fireplace accessories.

The bi-fold glass door is available in two styles.

Tracked Bi-Fold door

These types of bi-fold doors have a track or rail on which the bi-fold doors slide open. It is a perfect choice for families with children, as they are not easily opened by children. As a result of the track, they are challenging to keep clean.

Trackless Bi-Fold door

These bi-fold doors open up to the side entirely without a rail or track. They provide a better view of the fireplace interior. They are easy to maintain and keep clean compared to tracked bi-fold doors.


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Masonry fireplaces feature a firebox made from bricks and chimney. This makes ventilation and cooling a non-issue.

When installing fireplace glass doors for a masonry fireplace, you can choose to either have the door installed as an overlap door or inside-fit door. An inside fit door is mounted into the fireplace opening, and this provides a clean look. An overlap door is installed outside the fireplace box with the door resting on the frontal part of the fireplace.

Installing a fireplace glass door on a masonry fireplace requires some drilling and screwing to fit the door on your fireplace.

Glass doors made for masonry fireplaces usually have three main components.

  • The mounting frame
  • The glass door
  • The attachment hardware

The Mounting Frame

Depending on the design of your masonry fireplace, the mounting frame is usually made as a three-sided piece or four-sided piece. It is an essential part of a masonry fireplace door installation.

Depending on the door style and preference, the frame can be broad or minimal. It holds the weight of the glass door and, in some situations, has insulation strips to seal the frame and fireplace.

The Glass Door

The glass is the functional part of the door installation. Masonry doors can either be installed in the cabinet glass door style or bi-fold glass door style. The glass can also be installed in different tints and colors.

The Attachment Hardware

This is the door part that holds the glass door to the face of the fireplace. The standard attachment hardware is a pair of upper lintel clamps. Another is the pair of lower angle brackets.

These carry the weight of the door while the door is open.


For fireplaces with unique shapes and not too common dimensions, a custom fireplace glass door would be a great option. They are especially great at helping you get doors that will blend with existing home décor, which may be difficult with stock glass doors.

A custom-made fireplace glass door allows you to create a door that reflects your personality and style. It provides you with a door that will produce a look that blends effortlessly with the environment and a door that will fit your fireplace to achieve higher levels of fireplace efficiency.


It is common for the glass used in fireplace doors to be tempered glass, but there is another option of glass type used in fireplace glass doors.

Tempered Glass

This is a glass type that has gone through heat treatment to strengthen and increase the thermal shock rating of the glass and also to prevent injury by modifying how the glass breaks.

Tempered glass can be up to four times stronger than standard glass as a result of its mechanical strength. It has a thermal shock degree of 400, which is suitable for use in fireplaces.

It does not break like regular glass, and it breaks into small pebble-like bits with the entire glass fragmented. In contrast, a regular glass will break into big glass shards that may cause injury to people around them.

Ceramic Glass

Ceramic glass can withstand temperatures that go up to 1400 degrees, which makes it a better heat-resistant option. It is commonly used with coal, wood, and pellet stoves because it can withstand higher heat temperatures.

Wood stoves are commonly used with the doors closed, so having a glass that is resistant to intense heat is of utmost importance. You may also find ceramic glass in some fireplace inserts and masonry fireplaces if there is a concern for the heat that will be produced by the firebox.


Most fireplace doors will sport a supporting frame. This is the segment of the fireplace door that bears the weight of the glass and holds the railings. It is either made of steel or aluminum. Aluminum is durable and has a powder coat finish. This is why it is a preferred choice. Steel, on the other hand, is resistant to rust, has an iodized finish, and is affordable.


The best glass door to opt for would be dependent on several factors. These include the fireplace type, the type of door to be installed, and the glass type to be used. For better heating efficiency, a framed fireplace glass door would be the best option.

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