How to Cover a Closet without Doors

how to cover a closet without doors

Your efforts to make your home look adorning might only be worthwhile if your closets are properly covered. Closets are your private storage areas. They need to be well-covered to make your home look attractive.

In this article, you will explore the finest methods to cover a closet without doors.

10 Creative Ways to Cover a Closet without Doors

Here are the convenient and cost-effective ideas to cover up a closet:

1. Drapes and Curtains

Curtains and drapes are the most recommendable ones to cover your closet. They are easy to install and are available in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and designs. Apart from this, they are inexpensive and give your home a traditional look. They are both changeable and washable.

Experts prefer to install them in rooms having separate spaces for wardrobes. This will keep all your clothing hidden in a corner of your room.

2. Accordion or Folding Divider

Accordion or folding dividers are one of the unique methods to cover your closet. Their installment is temporary and proves to be very effective due to its mobile framework. Unlike hinged doors, they do not occupy unnecessary space giving your home a minimalist look.

3. Beaded Doors

If you want your room to look fancy, then this will be a good option for you. They provide easy access to the goods inside the closet. They have their own pros and cons. The disadvantage of these beads is that they might create some noise in your house.

4. Decorative Wall Hangings

If you want to get both the benefits of covering the closet and giving them an artistic look, the idea of using decorative wall hangings will be for you. Wall decorations such as tapestries and vines make your closet an aesthetic one. They are no more difficult to install. You can purchase them either using e-shopping platforms or visiting any home decoration store near you.

5. Installing French Doors

While thinking about French doors, you may worry about their transparent glasses. But for your knowledge, they are also available in translucent or self-printed glass materials. They may add decency to your home. They are quite expensive so better to analyze your budget first and then make a choice.

6. Louver-Style Interior Doors

Louver-style interior doors are the ones that will keep allowing air to pass through your closet stuff. They are available in both categories either hinged or sliding. They will make your room look embellished in all trends and seasons.

Besides all these pros, they may have some cons also. Their slatted wooden patterns often welcome dirt and debris to accumulate on them easily. Hence, they need proper cleaning and dusting every day.

7. Sliding Doors

Easy to install and best for homes that are small. Minimalists might choose them first. They cover less space and maintain a perfect home environment. Sliding doors are much more versatile. You can either opt for traditional woody patterns or can give your home a modern-era look by installing frosted glass or polished mirrors.

8. Hanging Macrame

Using macrame hangings to conceal your closet is the most unique method. Macrame hangings are creative fiber designs. They best suit homes having artistic themes. You can shop for them online and can customize your order according to the measurement of your closet.

9. Pocket Doors

Pocket doors have the same benefits as sliding doors. The major difference includes that pocket doors slide into the hidden space inside the wall whereas sliding doors slide on their fixed frames attached to the walls. The encasement for pocket doors should be made earlier during the construction days. Their advantage is that they less look like a door and more like a wall when closed. They might be very expensive and luxurious. So, it depends upon you and your budget whether to install them or not.

10. Using Sheets

If you are looking for the cheapest way to cover your closet this paragraph might be for you. You can either use your floral bedsheets or thick decorative plastic sheets to make closet covers. Attach them with a rod or hard thread over your closet. Those who need closet covering for a short time might benefit from this idea.

Wrap Up

We hope after getting through the aforementioned ways you understand how to cover a closet without doors, you will find the one that matches your taste and interest.

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