How To Clean Jets In Bathtub

how to clean jets in bathtub

Adding a jetted bathtub to your bathroom will give your bathroom a touch of luxury and style. It can be used as a spa treatment and help relax and massage muscles. But as cool as it seems, it is hard to maintain as well. Keeping the jets clean is as significant for your hygiene as taking a bath. If you are planning to install bathtubs at your place or if you already have one, you should also take care of its cleanliness.

Go through this, and you will learn everything that how to clean jets in bathtub.

Why do we need to Clean our Bathtub Jets?

Everything at our home needs some proper care and maintenance. The same goes for bathtubs and jets. If you do not clean them regularly, eventually you will see some black spots or flakes in your bathtub. What happens is that unmaintained jets give the environment for bacteria and mold to grow. These molds and mildew and soap residues will combine to form a biofilm that supports bacterial growth, which will be unhealthy for your hygiene.

You don’t need anything very out of the usual to clean your bath tubs jet. There are a few simple things that you would need for the cleaning purpose of the bathtub jet. The things you need are:

– Dishwashing liquid that is low foaming.
– Baking soda
– Vinegar

how to clean a jetted tub
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How to Clean Jets in Bathtub – Steps to Follow

Cleaning bathtubs are easy and comprise a few simple steps. Let’s see and follow the steps one by one to have a clean jet for better bath time.

  1. Open the hot water tap and fill in the tub. The level of the water should be high enough to 3 inches above the jet that is on the top.
  2. Turn off the air induction if the manufacturer of your bath tub says so. Otherwise, leave it open. Every design and company has its preferences. You can know yours from the manual given with the tub.
  3. Add some low-foaming dishwasher now. You can also use the powdered dishwasher. Make sure the foam and suds mess should be less. Do not use excessive amounts.
    In the case of liquid, 2 table spoons are enough, and for powdered form, 4 table spoons are enough.
  4. Now after adding dishwasher, add vinegar to the water-filled tub. Add about ½ cup of vinegar.
  5. Now turn on the jets with the greatest level. Leave them working for the next 10 to 15 minutes. You will notice some dirty particles coming in the water from the jets.
  6. Now drain the tub after giving 15 minutes to it.
  7. After complete drainage, pour in some cold water. Fill the tank to the same height as you filled before.
  8. Now again, turn the jets on with full speed power. No need to add soap or washer this time. Let the jets clear with water only.
  9. Give those 10 minutes and observe, if after 10 minutes, the water is coming clean out of the jet, you can move to drain the tub again. If the water is not clean, run it for five more minutes.
  10. After cleaning the water and draining it, use a towel to wipe away the tub walls if there are traces of impurities or grime.
  11. Now comes the time of some deeper cleaning with baking soda. So make a mixture of baking soda with few drops of water, giving it a watery texture.
  12. Take an old toothbrush and start rubbing the mixture on the jets.
  13. If you can remove the jets, so remove them or loosen them up for more detailed cleaning.
  14. Brush properly all the dirt and grime from the inside and the edges of the jets.
  15. Now fill the tub again with lukewarm water and turn on the jets for 5 minutes.
  16. Drain out the tub and wipe it with a clean towel for a completely neat finish look.

This is all. Your tub is ready for your next amazing bath experience with cleaned jets.

Substitute of Vinegar:

If you want to replace vinegar, you can use bleach instead of it. You can use ½ cup of bleach as a substitute for vinegar with the same steps as told above.

Some people don’t recommend using bleach as it is usually not suitable for the tub material. You need to read the manual if you want to make this replacement.

Pro Tip: Never mix bleach with vinegar as the fumes will be very toxic, and the mixture would be very harsh for the tub.

How often do we Need to Clean the Jetted Tub?

You should clean the jets every three months of the time period. Some bath items like bath salt and oils tend to build up the molds sooner than normal. So if you use these things in your routine, you should clean it every month.

Make sure to make a cleaning routine and take care of hygiene.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is my bathtub jet giving some black stuff?

The black stuff coming out of your jets are flakes of mold and mildew. All the soaps, oils, bath salts, and other bath items gather and give space to mold and bacterial growth.
The black flakes are an indication that you should clean your jets up and make a habit of cleaning them every three months.

Q. Can I use bath bombs in my jetted tub?

Yes, you can enjoy your bath with your bath bombs but take care of the cleaning steps later. Prefer bath bombs that are not glittery or confetti.

Q. Can we use Epsom salt during baths in a jetted tub?

Yes, you can add Epsom salt to your water tub bath with jets. You can enjoy the bath but don’t forget the cleaning process and timings.

Q. How long will a jetted tub last?

A jetted tub, when maintained properly and used properly, can last for 20 to 50 years.

Q. Are jetted tubs worth buying?

Along with the luxurious feel, jetted tubs are there to give you hydrotherapy for joint pains and muscle aches. The jet tub bath helps reduce stress and gives you relief after a whole long tiring day.


Now you know everything about cleaning the jetted bathtub. Make a routine of cleaning it for a healthy and hygienic life. Now have a clean tub with clean jets and give yourself some luxurious time. I hope you get an answer to your question on how to clean jets in bathtub.

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