6 Best High End Kitchen Faucets for 2023

best high end kitchen faucets

A kitchen faucet plays a significant role and is a center of attraction in any home. For everyday tasks, you depend on a faucet designed for doing dishes, washing hands, and dispensing water. However, this doesn’t mean that the kitchen faucet is of one standard size that fits all. Rather, these are versatile in the configuration, features, and styles of faucets available today in the market.

Hardware might not be the top priority on your kitchen to-do list, but the function and appearance of kitchen hardware- mainly kitchen faucet plays an important role in utility and design.

Most people didn’t give much importance to kitchen faucets till they break. You want a durable faucet that can last longer depending on how frequent it is used to get a drink, wash your hands, rinse dishes, scrub vegetables, wet sponges, and much more.

In any modern kitchen, the sink area plays a key role, and choosing the best kitchen faucet will make your daily chores much easier.

In this article, we will discuss the best kitchen faucets that will suit your utility and design.

How were we tested?

Here we have selected the best faucets for our experience and testing. We tested them depending on their easy usage, the pressure and rate of flow of the faucets, their cleaning and maintenance, and the finishing of the quality material.

These tests were done over several weeks and here are the results of our findings.
There is no confusion or doubt that you will find the best faucet here in this list. All the faucets mentioned here are the best ones.

Reviews of the Best High End Kitchen Faucets

We have reviewed the best high end kitchen faucets and the ones that fulfill the needs of budget, finishes, and design preference. Here we will discuss the features, specifications, and pros and cons of the best products.

1. WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Overall this faucet is the best one for a good reason. The design and color scheme compliments and fit in all kitchen spaces. It is decent and sleek. The effect of water comes in three different ways; pauses, streams, and spray.

The mode of pause is important for multitaskers and those who are trying to avoid water spillage.

The installation is also easy, as the pulldown hose and water line hose have been already installed. Without the need for professional help, you can do it by yourself without spending much time.

The swivel spout has a high arc of 360 degrees providing access to a full sink. After each use, the tap automatically retracts.


  • Material- Metal
  • Location of Handle- Left/ Right/ Center
  • Item Weight- 5.1 pounds

Pros and Cons

Resistant to rustMaterial
Easy maintenance

2. Peppermint Matte Black Kitchen Sink Faucet

The faucet is attractive and is a great focal point for your kitchen. This kitchen faucet comes with a 10-year warranty and is environment friendly as it is lead-free brass.
This faucet comes up with a guarantee to replace or refund customers for any issue caused by this pipe.

According to the reviews shared by customers, this is easy to install and takes almost 20 minutes for a complete installation. After long periods of use, no fingerprints or water spots will be visible on this kitchen faucet especially when there are children at home.


  • Material- Brass
  • Location of Handle- Left/ Middle/ Right

Pros and Cons

Installation is easyWhen color is concerned there is no flexibility
Cleaning is easy

3. Brushed Nickel Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

If you want a recently introduced or a new faucet, this works for you. With the advancement in technology, appliances are created and work. This is the best new model that fits almost every sink, due to its unique design and height.

This faucet rotates 360 degrees, as found in almost all new models. It is long-lasting and durable as it is made from premium-quality stainless steel. The manufacturers make sure it has a life of more than 10 years.

The kitchen faucet is also safe for kids when pulled forward. To make sure the children will not burn themselves, this faucet dispenses cold water.

This faucet also gives a hard spray, non-splash stream, and a pause system. The function helps to illuminate the wastage of water and messes.


  • Material- Stainless steel high pressure and temperature
  • Location of Handle- Left/ Right/ Center

Pros and Cons

No splashingMight not be lead-free
Compete for commercial faucetsNo guarantee for the lifetime
No leakage
Made from stainless steel

4. MSTJRY Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Faucet

This other beauty has touch technology. It is long-lasting and uses ceramic cartridges as a manufacturing material. The most desirable feature in the present era is a high-arcing faucet.

This touch-technology faucet includes a spray and has a battery that has a life of more than 7 years. This touch feature can work by using your forearm or any other desired body part.

The water flows manually by using single-handle controls. This kitchen faucet contains three modes: spray, stream and stop when multitasking.

It contains a 20-inch flexible hose and the spot has a rotation to full 180 degrees. The water line and pull-down hose are preinstalled, which is helpful for easy installation.
According to people, installation takes less than half an hour. To clean this faucet a simple wipe is used.


  • Material- 304 Stainless steel

Pros and Cons

There is no need to touchCostly
Quick installationSensor switch off on its own
Less spillage and messy clean-upsIt may be activated by small animals and objects

5. Fapully Black Kitchen Faucet

The body of this best high end kitchen faucet has metal construction material to make sure it is dependable use and longevity. This kitchen faucet has a life of several years.
The whole pipe turns to an angle of 180 degrees and there is no need to think as heavy-duty commercial-style springs are used in the design to assure flexibility and additional support.

The nozzles are the best as require easy clean prevent the hard build-up of water. It possesses incredible finishing with high-quality rust and corrosion resistance. The Spout Swivels have 360-degree rotation to help get better access to more sink areas.

The style of the faucet is high-arch Gooseneck Spout Design to provide an optimum area for meal preparation, dishwashing, and much more.


  • Specifications

Pros and Cons

Best for commercial kitchenWhen turned off, water may drips
Easy installation
Contains two outlets for water
Design heavy-duty

6. Delta Faucet Essa Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

This kitchen faucet is loved by everyone. Thanks to the patented Diamond Seal Technology, it lasts two times longer as compared to other faucets. The technology minimizes the leakage to enhance the life span of the kitchen faucet.

It also contains a magnetic dock and this docking utilizes a powerful magnet to hold attachments and sprayers into the place. Whatever you need to install is present in the box already.

The faucet has an 8-inch configuration that fits a three-hole sink. This faucet is equipped with touch clean spray hole so there is no need to put your hands inside the chemical cleaner.

By just touching you are able to remove the lime and chemical residue.


  • Material- Brass

Pros and Cons

Lifetime warrantyThere is no option of pause
Easy cleaning and maintenanceLifetime warranty

What things to consider before buying the best kitchen sink faucet?

To add some unique style and personality to a home, a kitchen faucet plays a vital role. Thanks to the versatile designs, selections, and styles to choose from.

Do you prefer a rotating faucet? One with a pull-out hose? Your preference is a touch faucet or that can be paused? There are many consideration points when you want to buy a kitchen faucet for your home and together we will explore them.

high end kitchen faucets
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Buying a faucet can be difficult depending on your home and the functionality you want from the tap.

As the price of the faucet is also significant, but it is not the only deciding factor. Before selecting new high end kitchen faucets, you need to consider the following points.

1. Types of Faucets

The hardware store shelves have faucets of various types. The faucets include detachable spray heads, long hoses, and pull-down kitchen faucets.

Pull-downs and pull-out faucets are almost the same, except they contain shorter spouts, making them best for smaller kitchens.

Kitchen faucets are also divided according to their control designs. The two popular styles are single handles and double handles. There are also touchless with a control technology that helps to control touch and motion, which is on-trend for the last few years.

For the kitchen faucets, some high end kitchen faucet brands are trying to develop voice command processors, but they are not yet applicable till they reach their full potential.
We suggest giving it some more time.

2. Types of Cartridges

The movement of handles controls the stem or cartridge- this is the most important single component of a faucet. Cartridge opens and closes the water pathway. The two popular types are mixer cartridges and function cartridges.


This line lets only one line of water each, either cold or hot. This can be seen in single and two-handle faucets that have one inlet for water.

The newer approach is either ceramic discs or compression presses, which is an old approach and is mostly available in vintage or retro designs.

Mixer cartridges –

By using one lever, this type at the same time controls two water supply lines simultaneously. As compared to the normal cartridge, this type is like a chamber that lets cold and hot water mix before coming out of the spout.

Commonly the mixer cartridges are ceramic disc cartridges and ball valves.

3. Controls

These days the biggest query is whether the touchless control is worthy. Like, sometimes if your hands are busy turning the handle, the inclusion of motion sensors can be a huge help.

If you are a health-conscious person, it is a great help as touching is restricted. Otherwise, it is not worthy as it doesn’t add much conformability.

Using the handles, you can either go for single or double. A more advanced option is a single-handle mechanism, which allows you to perform a two-handed job with only one however, double ones mix the temperature more accurately.

The temperature difference is not very noticeable usually, mostly for its nostalgic effect, people now go for the double-handled design.

4. Useful Features

Many pull-out or pull-down faucets include many configurations of spraying. For rinsing, concentrated streams lend more pressure, and an enhanced flow helps minimize simple tasks of filling.

At times to save water during any movement, the thumb trigger in the sprayer also lets you stop the streams.

Mostly touchless faucets have an automatic shutoff quality that will turn off the water automatically if it runs for straight long minutes. The new hand-free models have enhanced sensors with much better sensitivity that limits accidental activation, which will be useful if you have pets at home.

Unless you don’t pay extra attention to the fixtures’ visual appearance, a protective layer is very important.

The other helpful points are improved seals, temperature indicators, head-docking support, and simplified design for installation.

5. Mounting Holes

For installation, some faucets need one mounting hole, however other sets might need as many as five. To cover the holes that are not in use, the easiest way to control the scenario is to use caps or escutcheon plates.

You can reserve the holes as a substitute for a side sprayer or soap dispenser.

6. Price Ranges

A normal functional faucet is almost $50 or even cheap. The construction gets better; the price range increases up to $100. As compared to plastic, you will observe metal materials like stainless steel and brass more frequently.

Depending on the unique designs, durability, and some high-end features the range of the price increases.

7. Big Boxes and Plumbing Supply Stores

Professionals and plumbers often suggest buying fixtures from big-box stores. Apparently, they get lower prices by selecting internals of lower quality.

Similar to their counterparts available at the office supply stores, the products may have the same appearance but have lower-tier parts and are manufactured specifically for to supply chains of the superstore.


It is a lifetime duty to choose a faucet. When selecting the best high end kitchen faucets, it is important to know what you are looking for in a kitchen as today, so many choices, designs, and styles are available so go for the quality and brand that fits according to your preference.

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