Fence Letterbox: A Meaningful Curb Appeal Upgrade

fence letterbox

The convenience of being able to communicate instantly no matter the distance thanks to the advancements in technology has certainly been the forte of social networking. It doesn’t matter what your preferred messaging or video call app is, fact is you’re able to get in touch with loved ones and friends, or meet up new people, in an instant regardless of which part of the world they’re communicating from.

This puts modern-day technology at a far greater advantage than that of previous centuries. Thankfully, though, despite the said advantages, it still hasn’t managed to entirely eliminate the age-old snail mail. Like it or not, it still perfectly serves for sending and receiving packages, documents, as well as bills and promotional materials, which shows why it’s in function to this day.

Which brings us to the relevance of an object we’re all familiar with – the letterbox. Used for both commercial and residential buildings and purposes, it’s a crucial element of the curb appeal, carrying with it a more essential aesthetic role than the mere mail functionality.

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Letterbox, The Curb Appeal Staple

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As such, it’s got an undeniable aesthetic potential when you’re in need of boosting the outdoor décor with something stylish and noticeable that at the same time won’t considerably impact your budget. Undergoing changes itself over the years, you’d come to see the many faces of the letterbox today, making versatility its main characteristic you can benefit from.

Despite the range of options in terms of design, it’s the practical fence letter boxes that turn out to be the perfect category fit if you’re after an equal amount of privacy when having your mail delivered, as when fetching it. Available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles, materials, colours, and features you can possibly imagine to match your property’s style and charm as much as your mail receiving needs, it shouldn’t be that difficult of an endeavour to find your perfect fit.

Fence Letterbox – Mail Receiving Made Easy

With so many options of wall-mounted, post-mounted and standalone designs available, it’s understandable not everyone is a fan of the fence-mounted, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Perhaps, after finding out all the benefits it offers, more people would be convinced it’s their cup of tea after all. Time to get that fence ready because what you can be certain of is:

The Added Privacy

If you hate the thought of having strangers walk all over your yard to get to your front door, even if it’s the postman, then a door-mounted design, or even a wall-mounted are a no-no. The fence letter boxes are your perfect match since you can install them easily on any kind of fence, or any part of it, even if it’s made of wood, brick or steel. This means you get your peace of mind whenever you’re away from home, or whenever you want to pop out the door to get the mail in your most comfortable robe you otherwise don’t want to expose too much to the eyes of the neighbours or passers-by.

The Boost in Convenience

Sometimes, having the job of delivering mail may not be the easiest there is if we consider the time waste to find some of the mailboxes, or the danger of coming across an angry dog that’s decided to turn the mailperson into the archenemy. Having the letterbox mounted on the fence means you make it easy for the professional to locate where exactly to deliver your goods without spending too much precious time looking for it or avoiding aggressive pets.

The Guaranteed Durability

Having a mailbox means having a piece of your home constantly exposed to whatever the weather throws at it. Come shine or rain, you require the kind of design that would deliver on the durability, and keep your goods safe and sound from rain, winds, or the harsh Australian sun.

Fret not as there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to fence letter boxes that are high on the durability, something that can easily be checked by the choice of material. If you find the metals appealing, rest assured you won’t make a wrong choice if you pick steel, especially the stainless steel and powder coated galvanised models, both known for their outstanding strength.

A little care goes a long way, though, so occasionally it’s advisable to give them a washup with specialised non-abrasive cleaners (avoid at all cost chlorine and ammonia based), sponges, or a simple warm water plus dishwashing liquid soap solution. Rinse with warm water afterwards and wipe up with an absorbent cloth. In case you decide to go for a design with wood elements, make sure they’re also durable, in the likes of oak, teak, and accoya.

The Customising Options

Want to enhance your home with a horizontal or vertical design mailbox? Up for a square or rectangular design? No problem, both of these options are readily available, though some stores and retailers go a step further by allowing you to choose your own custom details and designs, so your home would stand out from the rest in the neighbourhood with this lovely element.

Whether you prefer to increase the charm with your initials, a letter of your choice, your home’s number, or your full address it’s all up to you. Pick the colour, pick the font, pick the size, and you get the stylish and unique box ready for receiving mail deliveries.

Make sure the rest of the décor, with all the metal and wood elements like a shed or a set of furniture, is in harmony with the mailbox (specifically in the colour and finish) to get the truly remarkable curb appeal you’re aiming for from the start. As far as installation goes, height is your important factor to keep in mind prior to boosting the property with this feature, so make sure your mailbox is within at least 90-110 cm height from the ground for easy reach for you and the postie.

The Perfect Size

Don’t worry if the common options in terms of size aren’t your ideal fit. As the general recommendations state you should get a mailbox in the size of your most common deliveries, there’s plenty more of options at the reliable retailers to choose from if the small envelope-suited design isn’t your match. The fence parcel letterbox is perfect if you receive parcels frequently. This would ensure you keep them safe until you get to bring them inside.

The Needed Security

Protection from the weather isn’t your only worry – there’s theft prevention to take care of too, what with the increased risk of identity theft and fraud lurking around. Luckily, it shouldn’t be too much trouble for you as the modern steel letterboxes for the fence are equipped with their own specialised combinations and locks to keep the goods secured until you fetch them.

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