Living in a dark, enclosed, and poorly ventilated space could be undesirable for many, as it’s not only an uncomfortable living environment but an unpleasant experience as well. This is why a window is one of the most important aesthetic and functional features of any house. Windows make a home a comfortable living space because they allow light and air to come in.  

The size, design, style, and placement of windows can also influence a property’s value. It’s common in many places to offer apartments at a higher price when they have windows, especially if the windows open to a pleasant view in the area. As such, more and more homeowners are becoming aware of their importance and are taking steps to enhance their window’s overall appeal. Some also look for brands such as Marvin windows and others that offer high-quality windows for home upgrade projects. 

If you’re wondering if your property can benefit from window customization or remodeling, you can consider the following ways through which windows can boost your home’s aesthetic value.  

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1. Allows Access to Natural Light 

Natural light is essential in enhancing the aesthetics of any living space. When designing a house, architects take into account the amount of natural light that could come into a space. In general, sunlight can magnify the beauty of any area as it illuminates the interior structure. Also, it can even make it appear larger as well. As such, having windows will allow natural light to create the same desirable effects in your home. 

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Apart from its aesthetic impact, having access to natural light is also important to people’s health. Many studies have concluded that natural light can help people feel happier, calmer, and generally healthier while improving their productivity as well. On the other hand, people with less exposure to natural light may feel less energized, exhausted, and fatigued. 

Additionally, a house can instantly feel encased, dark and gloomy without windows that would allow light and air to come in. Houses with warm and dark color schemes will even look darker and smaller without it as well.   

2. Serves As Points Of Interest 

Windows can serve as points of interest in any living space depending on their size, placement, and design. They can also liven up the walls especially in dark rooms which makes them attract attention even more.  In addition, beautifully designed and properly placed windows can prevent rooms from looking gloomy or feeling stuffy by opening up the space. 

When it comes to styles, there are more than 20 different kinds of windows commonly used in households. Some types of windows include single hung, double-hung, bow, jalousie, and arched. Each style has its unique features and functionality, and the distinct design can add specific aesthetic elements to the home.  For instance, large glass windows allow occupants to easily view the surrounding landscape outside the home. At the same time, these windows can serve as the main focal point of a room which will instantly draw attention.

3. Enhances Certain Styles

From a street-point-of-view, it’s easy for onlookers to notice the quality and design of your windows which will ultimately have an impact on your home’s overall appeal. For instance, floor-to-ceiling windows, also commonly referred to as window walls, can give your home a modern and stylish appeal. On the other hand, arched windows are known to be a classic style that can add interesting structural elements to the home exterior as well.   

4. Gives Space For Embellishments 

Windows allow homeowners to be creative with the space they occupy. For instance, glass windows usually require draperies and awnings which are primarily added for protection and other practical purposes but also serve as adornments for the home. 

The draperies, in particular, can add color and design to the walls because of the fabrics used as a window shade. The awnings, on the other hand, function as an extension of the windows while adding design elements to them as well. These may be small items but they can easily boost a home’s aesthetic appeal if chosen correctly and placed effectively.  


Apart from their practical functions, windows greatly influence the aesthetic value of any living space. Windows provide light, air, and beauty while making people feel comfortable and less confined in a home. They’re fundamental to home design and no home or room can be complete without them. This is why investing in their upgrade or enhancing their appearance may be a wise decision for any homeowner to make.  

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