5 Best Bidet Converter Kits [Complete Guide]

best bidet converter kit

Are you exhausted from having outdated toilets at your home?

If yes, it’s time to renovate old-fashioned toilets into the latest design upgraded toilets with the support of a bidet converter kit.

Improve your hygiene and protect your environment’s freshness by installing a bidet converter kit.

If you want to save money, you can renovate the regular toilet to a bidet seat. If you are serious about knowing the advantages of a bidet converter and about Bidet Conversion Kit Brands so you’re in the right place.

Are you unaware of bidet till now?

If you are new to plumbing accessories, don’t worry. This post will teach you how to install bidet converter kits properly. Also, you will learn how to upgrade your regular toilets to bidet kits. Don’t skip a single chunk of content. Let’s begin the learning journey.

What is Bidet?

A bidet is a type of washroom basin that helps clean you after using the commode at any time. This bathroom accessory is ordinarily available in South America, Asia, and Europe.

Best Bidet Converter Kit Brands

1. Tushy

Tushy is a famous brand that offers bidets according to the consumer needs that helps to wash your butts after using the bathroom. They provide modern and sleek designs according to the latest washroom infrastructures. When toilet paper manufacturing was in crisis, Tushy was the only brand to help manage things. Tushy provides easy to clean accessory that is easy to dry with bamboo toilet paper. They provide bamboo toilet paper, toilet brushes, and toilet stools for the comfort of the consumer.

2. Cascade

This is a very classy brand of the market, only for the premium people who have a minimum of $1000 for a bidet seat. They always take care of their customer’s built-in deodorizers, and drying capabilities and comfortable washing with warm water are an additional edge.


Toto makes the best budget converter kits with high-quality material and flushing systems. They have a proven reputation in the toilet industry.

Best Bidet Converter Kits Reviews

1: TUSHY Classic 3.0 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

High Points

  • Control position
  • Leaner and easy to clean
  • Control water pressure

TUSHY Classic bidet toilet seat attachment is made of metal and wicker, so it’s easy to grip and turn it to your desired pressure. Also, the angle adjuster helps you to adjust the perfect angle. You can use and install this bidet easily. You can use it to upgrade your lifestyle. This bidet is easy to install each TUSHY derives from all parts. It is made of bamboo and metal, so it’s easy to grip and control water pressure. You can easily install it by yourself. It can be used to save money and plants because over 15 million trees make toilet paper every year, and it takes just 1 pint of water to wash with TUSHY properly.

2: SlimEdge Simple Bidet Toilet Attachment

High Points

  • Smooth and solid
  • Exclusive design
  • Double-needle spray options

SlimEdge simple bidet toilet attachment enhances the magnificence of your bathroom, and it is 50% thinner than other products. It contains a modish chrome handle to control the water pressure. SlimEdge is made with durable metal, and you can easily install it. Also, you can adjust the water pressure of the spray for him and her. It does not contain temperature control. SlimEdge enhances the functions and beauty of your bathroom. You can easily amend the bidet spray to control the water pressure.


High Points

  • Pressure Adjustable
  • Self-Cleaning Needle
  • Non-Electrical

A CLEAR REAR bidet seat is easily installed. You can adjust the angle of the knob to control the pressure for an effective wash.

To install Clear rear, you need to follow three steps, remove the toilette seat, attach the butler and connect it with the water supply. The clear rear also includes a feminine feature to wash the front and back with a nozzle. It may not fit on all toilets. You do not need a plumber and electricity to install this bidet. It can easily adjustable; you can adjust it at your desired pressure.

4. Brondell Swash SE400 Seat

High points

  • Electric automatic features included
  • Hygenic experience
  • Easy to install

Brondell swash offers automatic technology and multiple features like warm water, dryer, automatic sprayer, and massage machine option. It has a low power consumption feature and blue light for dark night use. This seat’s remote control helps to control water pressure and temperature level.

5. TOTO SW2034#01 C100 Electronic Bidet Toilet

High points

  • Adjustable sprayer
  • Self-cleaning port
  • Air deodorizer with automatic system
  • Powerful filters

TOTO brand provides high technology-based bidet seats. Its advanced automatic technology provides health hygiene. This model is recommended for women especially providing warm water to wash during feminine issues and infections. The bidet toilet converter is easy to maintain and use and comes with a base plate and connector.

Buying Guide for Bidet Converter Kit for Bathroom

There are different types of bidets available online and offline but finding the best budget converter kit is not a cup of tea. Whenever you want to get a bidet upgradation kit, you need to keep some important things in your mind. Keep reading and find which type of model you need, size and price etc.

1. Toilet Type

Before purchasing a bidet converter kit, you must have knowledge of which type of toilet is already installed in your washroom. You need to confirm if it is a fixed-height toilet or different. Suppose a fixed height toilet is installed in the washroom, then a bidet converter is not required to install.

2. Types of bidets

These days bidets are available in different models. People want to upgrade their washrooms with modern design bidets. Some of the types are discussed here:

Self-supporting bidet

This old bidet model is fixed on the next step of a regular toilet. Freestanding bidets have no proper flow system. They are filled with water and may flow outer the bowl. They look like a large basin with a deep sink.

Electric Bidets

The electronic model of the bidet is mostly liked by modern people. Its design and size are appropriate according to the latest infrastructure. They are available with additional features like electronic bells, night lights, dryers, and warm seats.

Ordinarily, Japanese people use this toilet accessory. That’s why they called Japanese toilet seats. This seat is recommended for ladies because they need warm water for feminine wash.

Handheld bidet

A bidet shower is also called a handheld bidet, a type of nozzle attached near the toilet. Typically, this toilet accessory is fixed near your private zone and helps wash your anus and genitals. Its water pressure can clean your private parts and make your body smell free and fresh.

Common people prefer handheld bidets because they are easy to install and budget-effective options.

Warm water bidet

This bidet type contains a hot water pipe system normally available in built-in freestanding bidets and shower bidets. An electronic bidet is a good example of a warm water seat.

3. Size

Most people neglect the importance of size while purchasing toilet accessories, but the size is an essential thing to consider. If you need a small size, then keep in your mind the size of the hose and sprayer head also come in the same size. Decide a large size if your bathroom has enough space.

4. Water Pressure

The pressure of water is an important factor before placing an order for a bidet converter. Get a bidet with adjustable properties the way you can adjust the pressure of water according to your need.

5. Ease of Installation

Converter kits must be easy to install. If you are able to handle any fixture in your washroom, then you can easily install the bidet converter without hiring a plumber.

What Comes In A Bidet Converter Kit?

In the package of the bidet converter kit, all related accessories are included, which we need to have on installation time. All parts like a hose, adapter, screws, nuts, and valves to control water pressure.

Some kits are special. They offer an air dryer and nozzle extension. Do check your package within the warranty time. If you missed any accessory that is essential for installation, you could contact customer support.

Pressure Control Valve

The valve offers the required flexibility and control and will attach to your toilet’s deep bowl.
The control valve helps to perform the installation process easily.

Hose & Adapter

Hose and adapter are mutually connected to regulate the control valve. It helps to manage the flow of water into any bowl without any hazel.

Screwsn& Nuts

It all depends on the size of the bidet seat. Different size screws are required for different toilet seats.

What Are The Dangers of Bidet Converter Kits?

Normally the primary risk that comes into mind is the leakage of the converter. The solution to this risk factor is to replace old damaged water lines with new lines. The approximate age of water lines is 8 to 9 years. After this period, pipelines require replacement.

If you want to ensure secure installation, call the professional plumber and verify the correct installation process. Always select metal pipelines as compared to poor plastic lines. You can install a water leakage alarm with WiFi. It helps us to notify about any leakage underground.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the argument why the bidet converter kit is useful?

The primary goal of installing a bidet converter kit is to upgrade your old-style toilet with the latest and most comfortable bidet seat. The converter helps to avoid installing any additional accessory to transform the regular seat into a bidet.

The bidet kit has an easy installation system as we can install it on the previously installed seat. This hygienic bathroom fixture helps to maintain cleanliness and hygiene levels.

When you are facing Pruritus Ani problems, a bidet seat is a perfect solution, especially warm water type. They can help to release the soreness and pain from the end part of your body.
Dead UTI infection is also caused by poor cleaning of the urinary system. In this case, you need a bidet because it can help to clean the affected part thoroughly.

So using this perfect toilet accessory can help to treat different health issues related to the urinary system and anus.

Can you transform/upgrade a regular toilet into a bidet?

Installation of a bidet seat is a costly option. You can convert a regular seat to a bidet by using a bidet converter kit. Installation of a bidet is not a difficult task. It can be fixed on the previous seat by just connecting a waterline.

Can you easily install a traditional bidet seat on any regular toilet?

Normally bidet seats are easily installed on the previous setup, but some models need additional accessories to connect. It totally depends on the model of the previous seat.

Are bidets hygienic?

Yes, bidet seats are helpful in maintaining cleanliness in an easy way. Their one-touch function of self-cleaning makes it preferable to toilet paper. This way, you can save your hands from filthy material.

Which is better, bidet cleaner or toilet paper?

Bidet helps to keep your hands clean. They help to clean your body end part without touching fecal matter. Toilet papers also performed well, but there is a chance of touching filthy matter on your hands.

Bidet Vs Toilet Paper: Which is the Superior Option For Me?

The common way to clean the back body part after popping is toilet paper, but this is not healthier or hygienic. Cleaning with toilet paper can leave filthy material on your hand on the other side, bidet helps to wash the fecal matter without using your hands.

Do bidet converter kits require electricity?

Traditional models of bidet kit converters do not need electricity, and they function with the pressure of the water. Some of the models come with automatic transmissions. They are mostly used to spray warm water. The water leakage alarm is working on the latest technology and is also operated with electricity.

You can adjust the wash stream pressure and heated seats according to the requirements

Conclusive Thoughts

A bidet converter kit is no doubt the best way to improve the hygiene and freshness of the environment. I hope you read all factors that we need to consider. Now you are able to decide which bidet model is best according to your requirements. If you want to buy a simple and solid bidet with a better design, you can get SlimEdge Simple Bidet Toilet Attachment for your bathroom.

Bidets seats are now one of the well-known fixtures of toilet accessories. People feel comfortable washing their hands properly after using the washroom. Most people prefer to get this product even if they have zero knowledge about the installation. Grab one sanitary attachment to feel the difference.

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