The best point of use is a water heater helps to reduce the loss of heat during the water flow from the machine to the valve. This is not only the solution for warm water in winter but also manages better energy and cost-effectiveness. Every modern family needs this gadget to manage energy usage.

By using POU, you can get enough warm water according to the requirement. Here we mentioned the best point of using an electric tankless water heater that can help you cut down energy bills.

So have a look and find which is best suitable for you.

In this piece of content, you will get in-detail reviews of the best models from the best companies. You will find the products here according to the demand for hot water in the house.

5 Best Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater

1. Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater

You can get Bosch Tronic 3000 point-of-use tankless water heaters in a variety of sizes. Normally they are available in 4 compact sizes, which can be installed under the sink or sometimes in the vacant spaces of cabinets. These machines are based on advanced technology and provide the required temperature and pressure for water. Bosch Tronic is manufactured with hard material because it’s a long-lasting addition to the kitchen, bathroom, or garage.

The Bosch point-of-use tankless water heater is an optimum quality gadget for the home facility to provide you with warm water in your taps. Its compact design never disturbs the view of rooms visually. You can install and hang it vertically or horizontally.

It works on 9500 watts normally and is manufactured and installed in 220 volts circuit.


  • 9500-watt heater used for instant warm water
  • Small gadget so it can be easily installed under or over any cabinet
  • 98% thermal efficiency with copper exchanger


  • Objections of short lifetime
  • Negligible documentation and directions
  • 220-volt wiring

2. Ecosmart Point of Use

The Ecosmart tankless water heater is manufactured to install in smart spaces, especially in the kitchen under the sink. Its smart size makes it more appropriate to install in a small area. 1/2 Inch NPT helps to connect easily while the plumbing process.

Maximum GPM is 0.5, and the sink aerator is the additional accessory of this product. The heater needs a 1 x 30 amp breaker and 10 AWG wires for the installation of this heater.


  • Advanced self-modulating technology
  • Unlimited hot water
  • Compact design, easy to install
  • Instant hot water facility 0.5 GPM
  • Digital temperature control 80 – 140° F


  • In a cold climate, it takes some extra time to warm water.

3. ECO TOUCH Point-of-Use Hot Water Heater with Over Heating Protection

The Eco touch water heater is a smart way to bring ongoing hot water to any type of sink.
At 5500 watts, this tankless water heater has an elegant modulation control system so you can lower the flow rate without disturbance of hot water.

It has a compact size as a cereal box, and this tankless water can be easily installed under a sink cabinet.

It heats up to 1.2 GPM (Gallon per Minute), and its temperature range from 67F to 109F, so you have complete power to control the temperature.


  • Continuous hot water that is smart and adjustable in a tight area
  • 5500-watts and detached water and electrical lines
  • Smart modulation control technology helps to lower the flow rate


  • It may not reach the expected temperature
  • Only sink-based option

4. Stiebel Eltron- Single Sink Water Heater

The Stiebel Eltron is another model of tankless water heater for a reasonable price.
This tankless heater works with 3000-watt and utilizes low energy as compared to other heaters. The Stiebel Eltron model uses significantly less energy than comparable tanked heaters.

The hydraulic control function makes it more efficient in use. You can wash your hands without irritation.

This heating tank is designed for single-sink use. The solid copper heating system operates with 120V, so there is no need to manage a 240V circuit.


  • Single sink tankless water heater works with 3000-watt
  • Instant water heating system.
  • Comes with an aerator (flow control System)
  • All copper heating technology


  • May not get hot water for double sink usage
  • The cold climate will diminish performance

5. Rheem 240V Heating Chamber

The Rheem 240V tankless water heater is appropriate for single point-of-use or perhaps some additional fixtures. It is available with an exterior LED screen to check the temperature level. A digital thermostat is there. A 1/2-inch NPT makes the connection simpler. You just need to screw in the kitchen easily. It works with 13k watts and provides a water flow of 3.17 GPM. You can say this heating tank is more powerful as compared to other available point-of-use heating tanks.


  • 13k-watts power consumed for 3.17 GPM
  • Powerful heating tank
  • Effortless installation with 1/2-inch NPT adapters
  • Externally modifiable thermostat with LED display


  • Objections of short lifespan
  • Not suitable for a wide house (Attention Buyers)

Point of Use Tankless Water Heater Applications

POU water heaters can be installed at the origin, nearly anywhere you require warm water. Below is a collection of typical applications.


You need to install a hot water machine near the required area to get instant hot water in the shower. This way, you can save time and energy while getting hot water during a bath.

Kitchen/Bathroom Sinks

Normally people need hot water in the kitchen or bathroom, so installing a POU heating tank under the sink helps provide instant hot water.

Dishwashers and Washing Machines

Both of these devices require large gallons of available hot water, so the heating machine installation is required where these gadgets are available.

How Hot Can My Water Get With An Instant Hot Water Heater?

There are different things on which the capability of warm water depends. Also, the location of the point-of-use water heater matters a lot.

The temperature of the Water Supply

If you live in a cold area where the outdoor temperature is below 10F, this scenario will affect the capability of the point-of-use water heater because it needs a high temperature to heat coming frozen water. You can get a chart with this machine from where you can get a clear idea of how much temperature water tank’s efficiency of heating.

Water Flow Rate (GPM)

The water flow rate has a great impact on the heat production of the water tank. If the GPM (Gallons per Minute) is low, then the heating process of water will be more efficient. Conclusive thought lower ratio of GPM will help the water tanker produce warm water easily.

The wattage Of the Heating Element matters a lot

Most tankless point of use water heaters work properly on 3KW to 15KW. You can say the high range of wattage improves the capacity of the water tank. They both have a directly proportional relation. A greater wattage level increases the capacity of the heater.

How a Point of Use Water Heater Works?

Normally, a point-of-use water heater is operated with electricity, but there are gas-powered water heaters also available in the market.

Electric power water heaters are common because they require a low budget to install. On the other side, gas heaters require proper +pipelines and venting for gas flow.

The electronic water tank version

This heating machine turns electrical energy into heat energy. After warming the water, it helps to save water in the tank. In this way, you will get hot water from taps without any complicated process.

Tankless POU water heater

In this type, high electric amperes are required to turn the cold water into hot.
Cold water is processed and passes through the water unit. Water turns hot just right before the turn on the tap.

How to Install an Electric Point Of Use Tankless Water Heater?

Here you will get a detailed procedure for the installation of a tankless water heater. But first, you need to understand every model of water heater has its own particularities.

Some heating units are installed vertically, and others are horizontal. Also, some units need a TPR (Temperature relief) valve, and water pipes manufactured with copper help to flow the warm and cold water safely.

All heating units require a dedicated junction box, electric circuit, and breaker to run smoothly. All brands provide a manual guide to install the unit, which helps to install the unit properly. If you find any issues, call the expert plumbers or technicians to install a better connection to get warm water.

Mount the Tankless Water Heater

When we install the water heater, the first step you need to take is to mount the heater to a decided place. You need to call the technician. He will help you to screw the heater in the frame. Also, keep in mind that the heater’s location must be near the sink or shower from where you want to get hot water. If you are confused about any concerns, check the manual to get the solution.

Link The Water Piping precisely

The next step is to connect the water line but before establishing a proper connection, drain the cold water line to remove dirt and messy material. The installation of a shut valve is also important.

A point-of-use water heater, also known as a POU water heater, can be a great addition to any home.

Join the Electrical Wiring

Now it’s time to provide the electric connection to the heater to warm water. Always switch off the breaker for safe operation if you need to do some repair or other tasks.

Turning On The heat Unit

Switch on the breaker and start the connection. This process of warming water starts, and hot water comes to the tap or shower. If you set the temperature level low, you will get low water flow GPM (Gallon per Minute)

Overview: Steps to Install Point of Use Heating Tank

  1. Choose the right location. The first step is to select the right place for your POU water heater. It should be near the sink or valve.
  2. Turn off the power. Before you start any installation, it’s always important to turn off the power to the area you’ll be working in.
  3. Install the cold water supply line. The next step is to install the cold water supply line. Then make a connection of the cold water line to the water heating machine.
  4. At this step, installing a hot water pipeline also create a connection with the overall line.
  5. Switch on the power supply of the POU water heater now. Test this gadget by turning on the tap of your concerned area.

No doubt, installation of a Point Of Use Water Heater is not a difficult task but calling a professional is not a bad idea.

Can you use a point-of-use water heater for a shower?

A point of use water heater is a great option for those who want to have a hot shower but don’t want to wait for the water to heat up.

These water heaters are small and can be mounted on the wall near the shower, so you don’t have to wait for the water to come from the main water heater to the shower.

Point of use water heaters is also a good option for those who want to save energy, as they only heat the water that you are using instead of heating a large tank of water.

Bottom Line

A point of use water heater is a great addition to any home as it provides instant hot water and is more energy efficient than a traditional water heater. They are easy to install and can be used for a shower, sink, or other appliances.

I hope with our guide you can easily decide the best point of use tankless water heater. So now you’re are ready to install the most suitable water-warming machine to make your winters comfortable. And after the brief discussion, I now have an idea of how the point of use an electric tankless water heater cuts down the electricity bills.

This machine also saves water and energy from waste. In this way, utility bills are also reduced.

Nowadays, POU water heaters are common in every home, and at first, the homeowner decides the best location to install this system.

Installation of a heater in the required place can save energy. Call any licensed professional plumber for the installation, and he knows what to do for safe installation.

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