A microwave is used for warming up cold coffee, heating a quick microwavable meal, or reheating the leftovers of plate-thawing frozen food for the preparation of a meal.

With the advancing world, a microwave oven is becoming a necessity more than a luxury in your home. We all adore microwave ovens because of their efficiency, versatility, and convenience. And the best part is that microwave ovens are not even that expensive.

It is the best gadget to reduce cooking time. But when you have a budget issue or have a small family or are a student, there is no need to go for a luxurious microwave and high-powered microwave.

Microwaves are easy to use, convenient, and different from a standard oven as microwaves don’t require preheating, which is helpful in the conservation of energy.

Today modern microwaves are equipped with more features like grilling, steaming, convection cooking, and more.

Nowadays microwaves come in various forms and sizes: from small ones that can easily be placed on a countertop to larger ones that are built-in to a wall or cabinetry or mounted on a cooking range.

Sometimes we all need a simple appliance that makes our life easy and simple and such gadgets fulfill our requirements.

However, all microwaves don’t have the same ability and power but make sure not to go beyond your budget. Purchasing a budget-friendly microwave can help you save money.

If you are planning to buy your first microwave or replace the old one. We’ve gathered some of the best budget-friendly microwaves that can easily fulfill all your cooking needs.

Does Buying a Microwave Under $100 Worth it?

With so many options available in the market, at least one time, you would surely have thought, “Is it worth buying a microwave oven under $100? Surely, the answer is yes, you can.
The company manufacturing the expensive microwaves also offers the microwaves at a lower price under the range of $100.

Types of Microwaves & Features to Consider

Microwaves are of two types: conventional and convection.

1. Conventional microwaves

These microwaves are concerned with standard reheating by emission of microwaves of energy for heating food.

2. Convection microwaves

These types of microwaves also known as microwave ovens possess a heating element that helps in roasting food similarly to a normal standard oven. For the added functionality, microwaves tend to be costly, however, there are several options on the list that are below $100.

Another main feature to consider while shopping for microwaves is the wattage power, you require. The food will cook efficiently and evenly with a high amount of wattage or power of 1000 or more, though the prices are also high.

Many budget-friendly options have a power of almost 700 watts which is best to get the desired result, though not as quick as other powerful microwave options.

The inner and outer dimensions of the microwave should also be considered. Most microwaves are measured by a unit of cubic feet, though your dinner plate also helps to measure the dimensions to ensure they can properly fit.

The Best Microwave under $100


If you have less space and want a small microwave with good wattage, this is ideal.

Don’t get confused with the size and interior space. It can easily adjust large dinner plates and bowls.

Another plus point is that you won’t get such a powerful microwave in this budget. So, go for this microwave on such an affordable budget.
The functions of heating are fast and reliable and without burning edges, it can defrost evenly.

It has a reset button like any other microwave to help cook the food at the same time, without getting tense about the cooking time.

The push button is a bit hard to open the microwave. You can use non-skid pads, to overcome this issue.

The display unit has a cooking button, kitchen timer, and 10 power settings.
It is a quiet microwave but there are complaints of grunting sound after continuous use.

Pros & Cons

Power levels are adjustableRequires frequent cleaning as it catches fingerprints
Occupy less spaceThe clips are made of plastic
Child lock system

2. Commercial Chef Counter Top Rotary Microwave Oven 0.6 Cubic Feet

The compact oven might not be the most attractive and fancy device available, however, it is one of the easy devices to use and is categorized as a budget-friendly option among all other microwaves.

For those who have a hard time using microwave ovens, it was designed by simplifying all the attributes or features that people usually get confused with like hard-to-read numbers and instructions and arcane button settings.

To substitute two simple knobs, there is a keypad present at the top that allows you to select the power setting whereas there is a knob at the bottom that helps to control the time of heating.

On the surface, the white color was selected intentionally as it can be easy for people to see the numbers with vision issues.

As there is no electronic display, so it is very energy efficient and when it is not in use this microwave will not use any electricity.

Pros & Cons

Best choice for people with disabilities and impairmentsLow wattage
Very easy to useExtremely small
When choosing settings, makes no irritating or beeping soundsThere are complaints regarding the durability.

3. Comfee’ EM720CPL-PM

The next microwave oven that comes on our list and saves your budget provides you with tons of sensors and features.

The compact microwave, Comfee, works at 700 watts that can be used by choosing 11 variable power levels.

It is a power-saving microwave that minimizes standby power by 50% up by turning the display. This model possesses an option of muting to make the shrill sound of beep quiet down that we continue to hear till the opening of the microwave.

It has a 10-inches turntable, it is unable to adjust large plates. Other main features to consider are child lock, express cook, clock function, memory, kitchen timer, etc. In any microwave all these features are standard.

It is best in all other areas apart from being a bit slow.

Pros & Cons

11 power levels are adjustableA little bit costly
Beautiful and bright digital displayButtons are slightly hard to press
For power saving, it has an eco mode
Can mute the beep sound

4. Commercial Chef CHM770B

This specific microwave is a small yet powerful microwave oven. It is the best option for an under-wattage and low-budget microwave that helps to reheat and perform the basic job of microwaving with perfection.

There is no need to fuss over remembering the power and time for everyday meals with a preset of options.

The internal capacity is 0.9 cubic feet as it is available in almost all the best 900-watt microwaves. This decent power allows you to heat the food evenly and quickly.

The internal capacity of the microwave is best suited for tiny kitchens and small families with less requirement for performing basic functions of microwaving and reheating.

The microwave works well in all functions either heating the leftovers or cooking frozen meals.

There is only a 30-second button missing. Apart from this function, it is perfect in all other aspects.

Pros & Cons

Heats food evenly and quicklyWhen the door is closed or opened, the microwave slightly slides around
Less spacious
Solid stainless steel body

5. Galanz GLCMKA07BKR Retro

Galanz is one of the best microwave under $100 and we all are attracted by the love of retro-looking and timeless items. In the present era, people are following tech trends, and these items are still manufactured to resist wear and tear.

It is an appealing addition to the countertops. It requires less space and easily fits on any cabinet or counter. It doesn’t possess the normal nerdy and tech-numbered buttons, it uses a large knob for adjusting the desired cooking time.

After admiring and praising the attractive looks, let’s now discuss the functionality.

It is 0.7 cubic ft. and has 700 watts and has all the important options like child lock, adjustable levels of power that exceed 700 watts, and defrost power.
There is an oval window that shines with LED lighting that allows you to look inside the process of cooking. Rather than a push-open button, the specific microwave has tested an old pull-open door that is desired by many purchasers for ease in handling.

It is an under-budget microwave and you would love to spend more.

Pros & Cons

Beautiful designA slight touch turns the microwave on
SpaciousThe hooks of the door are made of plastic and break easily
The Control system is user-friendly
Child lock for kids’ safety

6. Danby DBMW0721BBS

Everyone doesn’t want a bigger microwave. A mini microwave oven is required insufficient space and small kitchens. Thanks to its small footprint, this model can easily be placed on a small shelf.

On our list, these boxy-looking microwaves are not visually attractive. But surely there is a need for microwaves that work better rather than appearance.

It has 700 watts of power with 10 levels of power that helps to control the cooking instructions and power according to your choice.
There is no swift handle, rather the microwave oven has a push button to open the door of the microwave.

For the texture of cooking, it provides 6 automatic cook handy options for cooking meals with just a single push of the button. It is more desirable with no complaints about its ability to defrost and reheat evenly.

There is a need for slight adjustment with a 10-inch turntable plate and again because of the microwave’s engineered design that is not recessed to adjust the turntable properly.

For those getting irritated with the grinding noise of the machine, this microwave comes under the category of a silent machine.

Pros & Cons

Food is evenly heated with a glass turntableNot best for large dining plates
Has auto defrosting by weight and timeWhen pop-corn start popping, pop-corn bags affect the movement of the turntable.
Pop-corn maker with one-touch

7. Galanz GLCMKa07GNR Microwave

This is the most budget-friendly option. The retro appearance of the incredible microwave in SurfGreen color is a worthy addition to a kitchen.

The cooking capacity of this small oven is 0.7 cubic ft and is made with carbon steel and ABS.

It has 6 levels of power with a power output of 700 watts. It is equipped with 6 pre-programmed food functions like dinner plates, frozen vegetables, potatoes, beverages, popcorn, and pizza.

The item can be defrosted by time or weight. It has 360 degrees heating and a moveable turntable to enhance the efficiency of cooking and even heating.

Pros & Cons

Compact sizeHooks for closing doors are made of plastic
After finishing cooking, it makes 3 beep soundsThe timer knob is loose
For a better visibility, it has an interior light
microwave under $100
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What are the points to consider while choosing the best microwave under 100?

Before selecting the best microwave for under $100, the following are the factors to consider.

1. Size

The main point to consider is the availability of space inside the kitchen to decide on the microwave. There are many options of compact-size microwaves that are available for under $100, which are best for small-sized kitchens.

A microwave of capacity 0.5-1.3 cubic feet is best for a small size family of more than 4.

2. Wattage

The cooking is faster with higher wattage power. The available range of microwave ovens from the outer power range is 600W-1200W. The minimum preferred wattage is 700W for large and even cooking.

3. Advanced Features

There are many features available in microwaves like child lock control, presets, defrost, preheat, melt, and many more. So make sure and understand your requirements before buying the microwaves that offer most of the features.

4. Turntables

Even for cooking almost in all microwaves, you get a turntable. For holding baking dishes or plates, the moving turntable should be quite big so that it can freely move. Some of the turntables are small, almost 10 inches, however, 12-13 inches turntables are also available.

5. Settings

Different levels of power are offered by microwave ovens. At this price range, you also attain 10 or 11 power levels, which can provide the comfort of cooking.

You are provided with a multistage clock, cooking ability, changing the level of power, timer, and sensor cooking between cooking times. So, with more options, the cooking becomes more convenient.

Buying Guide for the Best Microwave Under 100

For choosing the best budget-friendly option, there are some points you need to know for better understanding and knowledge.

1. Type of Microwaves

The first and the important thing to consider before buying a microwave is choosing the type.

Based on their function, microwaves are of three types.

  • Grill – The grill helps to grill food.
  • Solo – Solo is for basic defrosting and reheating and among all these types is the least expensive.
  • Convection microwave – Convection-most expensive type as it can reheat, grill, bake, and defrost

2. Location

This means deciding where to install the microwave. Either it can be placed at the top of the counter. OTR microwaves possess an exhaust system and are adjusted on top of your cooking range.

There is a cabinet around built-in microwaves. Based on the installation and space, choose the microwave accordingly.

3. Power

The power of a microwave is measured in the unit watts. Generally, the thumb rule indicates, that the food cooks faster with higher wattage. For fast cooking, 1000 watts is known as a baseline.

In terms of cooking, however, some 700 watts also perform well. The cost of higher watts is more so make sure, for swift performance, to choose the highest wattage.

4. Features and Functions

Other than location, budget, size, and location, there are some other points to consider before buying a microwave.

Power levels, child lock, sensors, preprogrammed buttons, kitchen timers, invert technology, automatic turn-off, express cooking, and mute function are some of the points that will make you buy a microwave without any hassle.

5. Levels of Noise

This won’t bother you if you are habitual of listening to the grunting sound of the gadget or appliance.

But while cooking if you like a calm and quiet environment, then go for the microwave oven that doesn’t make a sound while the food is moving on the turntable.

6. Reliability

If a microwave works properly and seamlessly over a large period by giving a good result, then a microwave is considered reliable.

It won’t burn or overheat the food nor it would spark or smoke.

It works consistently and smoothly with all the points and features of the microwave working without any interruption.


Can I find a good quality microwave under $100?

Yes! There are several reputable brands that offer reliable and high-quality microwaves in this price range. By considering factors such as brand reputation, customer reviews, and features, you can find the right microwave that fits your budget.

What features should I look for in a microwave under 100?

While features may vary, some key features to consider are power output (wattage), capacity, cooking presets, defrosting options, and user-friendly controls. Also, look for a microwave that fits your specific needs, such as a compact size for small spaces or a large capacity for families.

Are microwaves under $100 suitable for everyday use?

Microwaves under $100 are designed to meet household needs. While they may not have all the advanced features of higher-priced models, they are perfectly capable of performing common microwave tasks like reheating food, defrosting, and basic cooking.

Are there any notable brands offering reliable microwaves for under $100?

Yes, some well-regarded brands that offer reliable microwaves within this budget include Panasonic, Toshiba, Black+Decker, and Hamilton Beach. It’s always advisable to look at customer reviews and consider individual models rather than just relying on brand reputations.

Do microwaves under $100 come with warranties?

Yes, most microwaves in this price range typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty ranging from 1 to 3 years. It’s advisable to check the manufacturer’s warranty details before purchasing.


With a microwave oven, you can save time, energy, and fuel with innovative technology and can spend a good time enjoying your food cooked in the oven.

There is a misconception that purchasing a small microwave oven gives poor performance. It is quite true that by increasing your budget you can buy a full-featured microwave.

But that is not true that you are not going to get the best microwave under $100. Always go for microwaves that are according to your budget and space.

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