5 Roofing Designs and Why they are Important

roofing designs and why its important

While it is true that the design department of your roofing is among the low priorities out of all the factors you should be considering, taking time in looking into it would truly help bump your home’s curb appeal up.

And since there are many roofing designs to choose from when you are considering roof replacement or a new roof, it is important to select the right architectural style for your home, not only for aesthetics but also for function and durability.

In this blog post, we will discuss five popular structural designs and their benefits. We will also provide information on how to select the right design inspiration for your home. Read on!

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1. Flat or nearly flat roofing

Strip malls and industrial complexes are the first things that spring to mind when most people think of flat roofs. During the years 1945 to 1970, many mid-century modern architects experimented with flat rooflines, in order to create dream houses for movie stars and moneyed executives. The style of the time was reflected in flat roofs, which blended into the environment and provided spacious open floor plans.

With the increase in flat roof popularity, some houses already have a small flat surface area and the rest of the roof is either shaped like a gable or hip. In addition, some home improvements may utilize a flat roof to provide extra second-floor living space.

However, it’s worth noting that a flat roof does not mean it is entirely flat – there must be an incline to allow for water drainage.

Tip: Roofs with low slopes are particularly prone to leaks, therefore they must be properly waterproofed and topped.

Its value

The first and most superficial significance of flat roofs is that it is simple to make, safe, and reachable if you need to climb to the top. It’s also versatile for additional deck constructions, has low upkeep costs, and is efficient in keeping utility costs manageable.

2. Gable roofing

Consider your first crayon drawing of a house. You’re likely to recall a gable roof. This roofing design is essentially a triangle with the base situated atop the home and the two sides going up to meet the ridge. Slopes on gable roofs range from chalet-style designs that are quite steep to rooftops with a moderate slope.

You might adorn it with front gables over your doors or go for a crossed gable design made up of two ridges set at right angles.

Its value

On a tighter budget, Gable roofs are an excellent choice. Cross gable roofs also give you additional room, especially if they have only two sloped sides rather than four, for an attic, storage, or space above the roof.

Gable roofs need additional support in comparison to flat ones, but they offer superior drainage for rain and snow and are more weather resistant. Gable roof windows also provide natural light into your home’s interiors.

3. Hip roofing

Hip roofs are also a popular roofing design. It’s similar to a gable roof, but the roof surfaces slope in four directions rather than two. A classic hip roof has four equal-length slopes that meet to create a basic ridge. There are other alternatives, such as a half-hip with two shorter sides and eaves.

If you have a hip roof, you already know that most of the roof is visible when viewing your home. Because the kind and color of shingles placed on a hip roof make such a visible portion of your property, they will have a large impact on its appearance.

Its value

Combined roofing considers wind resistance to be the most significant benefit of hip roofs over gable roofs. Hip roofs are more sturdy against strong winds thanks to self-bracing construction with fewer diagonal braces. This makes it perfect for areas that are subject to powerful winds, such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

4. Mansard roofing

A mansard roof is a popular type of roof for houses with steeply pitched roofs. This roofing design has four sloping roof surfaces that meet in a peak-roof cap at the top. The mansard roof is excellent for homes with restricted roof space and offers ample headroom and attic room.

The Louvre Museum in Paris, for example, is a fine example of the mansard roof, which was inspired by French architecture. This four-sided form with twin slopes has steep lower slopes that may be flat or bent.

Its value

Another benefit of this type of roof is the storage capacity it provides, as well as additional living space at the top of the home. This attic design is one-of-a-kind yet useful.

5. Gambrel roofing

A gambrel roof is a type of steep-slope metal siding that covers an entire gambrel. Its two sides have gradients of one extreme and one moderate, with the slope being steeper on the outer side. The design enables you to utilize the top floor as either an attic room or loft depending on your needs. Depending on your architectural style, you may add windows to the gambrel roof’s sides to meet more light and make use of the upper story.

The steep portions of gambrel roofs are quite apparent, therefore homeowners should take the time to carefully consider their roofing shingles.

Its value

The gambrel roof design offers a more attractive aesthetic while also allowing for additional storage or living space beneath its steeper sides. It increases headroom within the upper story of the structure by lowering what would be a very tall roof if it were simply pitched.

Selecting the best architectural design for you

Now, we’ve broken down the most frequent roof forms and their many subtypes into combination styles, which you may combine in whatever manner you choose. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you use the right shingles.

Selecting your roof is no easy thing to do. To sum it up, it’s critical to think about your home’s style, the weather in your region, and your budget while selecting a roofing design. You should also consider the various roofing materials that are accessible in your area.

Here are also some additional avenues you can consider in choosing your style!

  • Pick a style and color for your dream house by browsing through neighborhoods, checking out real estate listings, and perusing home decorating publications.
  • Consider your neighborhood’s mood. You’ll have the option to blend in or stand out, depending on your personality and exterior design objectives.
  • There may also be building codes or HOA restrictions that restrict your choices, so check first.

If you are still unsure after the entire investigation process, consult a roofing contractor. A roofing contractor, such as Mighty Dog Roofing, can assess your home and recommend the best roofing design for your needs. They can also give you tips on sidings and gutters, so hit ’em up now!

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