In the advancing and modernizing world, we are so accompanied by electronic devices that we can not neglect their importance. In daily routine, our electrical appliances might suffer mild voltage surges which if not given consideration might result in the breakdown of any electrical device. In other circumstances, if someone lives in an area that experiences severe thunderstorms, then power spikes wouldn’t be a new terminology for him. Then what would be the proper solution to this problem? If this question triggers you then don’t worry or hurry, you will get the best possible answer for all your queries.

Surge protectors are used in this case to get rid of the power fluctuations. Surge protectors are of two types: one is the power strip surge protector and the other one is the whole-house surge protector, which is the most recommended one.

Power Strip Surge Protectors: what are they?

In my opinion, if you wanted surge protection for a small number of appliances then power strip surge protectors would be best. They are the cheapest ones to buy. But before buying them make sure that they contain a thermal fuse inside them otherwise, if they broke out due to extreme power flow or some other reasons then you might get into a sudden mishap.

Whole House Surge Protectors: what are they?

These are the most reliable ones to be installed in your consumer circuits. These surge protectors are used to guard the electrical breakers against transient overvoltages. It basically consists of a Metal Oxide Varistor or MOV, which is a semiconductor in nature.

In addition, they provide the ultimate protection for sensitive devices such as computers, televisions, and small home appliances. They are expensive and need a professional electrician to get installed into the consumer circuit.

 Power Surge Protector: How do they Work?

Both types of power surge protectors are different in many ways but the kind of work they do for us is quite the same. They both are quiet in normal conditions and when suddenly they detect a rush of voltage, they would direct the extra voltage to the ground wire and calm down the appliances in stressful situations.  

Power Surges: Why do they Occur?

This seems to be the most asked question. Power surges are above normal electrical voltages which might be harmful to your home or office gadgets. The below-listed points will provide you with a better idea about this:

  1. It might occur due to faults in electrical wiring or due to current leakage.
  1. It occurs because of extreme thunderstorms or lightning, which strikes electrical lines, raising their voltage and causing malfunctioning of different devices. People living in harsh weather areas might have experienced it and in this scenario, we all opt for plugging out all electrical appliances.
  1.  Other major reasons for voltage spikes are high power-consuming AC units and electrical motors.

Pros and Cons of Whole House Surge Protector – Benefits of Whole House Over Power Strip Surge Protector

We all want a short piece of information that tells us the pros and cons of something before we purchase it. Whole-house surge protectors are more effective and reliable than power strip surge protectors. Below are some of the points discussing its pros and cons:

  • The average price for whole-house surge protectors lies somewhere between $100 to $500, whereas, for power strip surge protectors, it might range from $10 to $60. From this, you all had got a clear idea that power strip surge protectors are cheaper than whole-house surge protectors.
  •   In spite of the fact that whole-house surge protectors are expensive, they will give you lifelong assurance and guarantee whereas power strip surge protectors might put you in a vulnerable situation such as a fire threat if not plugged in properly or placed in a moist environment.
  • Whole-house surge protectors will be better ones as they will cost you only once in the beginning and later on you won’t get any worry or threat of being in danger of catching fire. They are highly recommended by most users. If you want to go for power strip surge protectors then remember that they are only suitable for small workspaces and might put you in a seriously damaging situation either in concern for your appliances or the safety of your homes. 

Things we should know before buying whole house power surge protectors

The most important thing to consider before purchasing whole house surge protectors is the joule rating. It depicts the amount of energy a whole-house surge protector is able to withstand and ensures the safety of your devices.

Look for the joule rating of power surge protectors before buying them. Different appliances require power surge protectors of different joule ratings. A minimum of 250 joules or a maximum of 650 joules is considered favorable. For a better experience, you can consider more

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