Playdough is a great entertaining toy for all children, and they love to play. It’s also great for creative play and many aspects of child development. Playdough is colorful, flexible and offers unlimited hours of creativity. But the only problem with having play dough is that it sticks to everything, especially with carpet. So, having info on how to get playdough out of carpet is necessary for everyone especially mom.

Play dough is normally made of a particular kind of polymer which creates it very flexible and sometimes sticky. It’s a very common toy and comes in different shapes and sizes. It has a broad demographic of kids to even young people, proving that it’s fantastic to play. However, its main caution is that it annoyingly sticks onto anything, with fabric and most especially carpets.

If you found your baby molding play dough creations on the carpet so don’t panic. When something like this happens, it doesn’t mean your carpet is collapsed; it means that you have some washing to do, but there are some ways to remove sticky, hard substances. We have got some useful ideas that show play dough removal from the carpet.

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How to Get PlayDough out of Carpet

how to remove playdough from carpet
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There are different ways you can use to remove play dough. Follow these simple steps to remove play dough from the carpet.

Step 1: Let Play Dough to Dry

Before you want to remove the play dough, let it dry completely. After drying play dough, it is much easier to remove. If you try washing play dough into a carpet, it will only worsen the problem.

Step 2: Apply Stiff Brush

You will need a stiff brush. Make sure to use a new and clean toothbrush. A toothbrush will work, but a scrubbing brush is best.

Step 3: Loosen Dry Play Dough

Using the toothbrush, loosen the dry play dough and increase pressure as needed.

Step 4: Vacuum Your Carpet

Once the play dough is loosened, vacuum the areas properly. You can also use a spoon or a butter knife. Slowly and carefully, scrape the dry substance off as much as possible without cutting the carpet cloth.

After using a vacuum, spoon, or knife, if you still see dried play dough, go and repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed.

Step 5: Use Gentle Soap & Cold Water

If playdough from carpet does not entirely come out, you may need to wash it with gentle soap and cold water. Also, repeat the 3 and 4 steps.
Note: Never use Hot water.

Step 6: Towel Dry Carpet

Finally, rinse the carpet properly to remove any cleaning agents, and towel dry.
And like that, your carpet is good as new.

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Easy Soft Solution:

Use your hand to pick up large or loose pieces of play dough from the carpet. If the remaining parts trapped in the carpet are still soft, flick at it with a ball of pliable white fragments so it leaves no color behind.

Slightly separate the carpet fibers with your hands to reach a bit of deep downplay dough. The soft substance will pick up small pieces of dried play dough, lint, and dust. Time to wait now until the play dough dries thoroughly to remove any stubborn bits.

How to Remove Play Dough Stains from Carpet

how to remove play dough stains from carpet
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Once the play dough is removed, you must remove the pigments stain correctly, to return your carpet surface to its original condition. Similarly to any other stain, the playdough pigment stain should be dismissed out of the cover so, it does not spread further.

Treat stains as early as possible after staining. The older the stain, the more terrible to remove. Always follow your carpet manufacturer’s guidelines on removing any stain from the carpet but as a simple guideline, these tips will help you to remove play dough stains from a carpet in most cases.

Step 1:

Try using soapy water to get rid of the color of play dough from your carpet. Don’t soak your carpet, use a white cloth/towel or sponge to work in small areas. Make sure the white cloth is damp and not sopping wet.

Step 2:

Keep checking the towel to see if the color was absorbed or not. As, the playdough leftovers and dye transfers from the surface to your white cloth, move to a clean portion of the fabric. Move to another clean spot on the towel, so you don’t end up spreading the color further.

Step 3:

You can also use white vinegar to get rid of play dough stains. For this, you need to mix 4 parts of cold water with 1 part of white vinegar and then dip a dry white cloth into this mixture. Draw out excess liquid. Repeat step 2 as much as needed to leftover the stains.

Step 4:

After getting the stains out of the carpet hang it somewhere to dry and then vacuum thoroughly.

Stain Remover Tips

The earlier you deal with a stain, the more likely you can remove it.

Mostly cold water is best for rinsing a stain unless it is a large stain.

Before applying a cleaning solution, test on an ordinary section, such as the inside of the sleeve to check it won’t collapse the fabric.

Always use one cleaning solution before moving to a new one to remove a stain as certain chemicals are not assumed to be mixed.

As mentioned above section, read the instructions of your carpet manufacturers clearly before attempting any play dough stain removal.

Don’t rub the carpet harshly to remove play dough stains as this may lead cause fading.

The white towel/cloth blotting method is usually recommended for stain removal. Fold a clean white cloth/towel, once you have treated the play dough stain with water, smoothly dab it with a towel and check how much stain has moved to the white cloth.

If you are using commercial stain remover from play dough, always follow the product guideline to understand the proper use.

On washable fabric, it’s easier to treat a stain.

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