From sleeping to entertaining, relaxing to eating, we spend a lot of time in our homes, so taking the time to renovate them is an excellent decision. Additionally, with so many people working from home these days, it is imperative to create a functional environment that is comfortable. So, why not use our home renovation checklist to guide you throughout your home project?

House Renovation Checklist

As part of today’s post, we’ll share a renovation checklist to assist you in your home improvement project. Planning ahead will help you increase the quality of your renovation, whether it is in a condominium or a land house.

1. Identify what you’re permitted to do

Consult your local council and find out if you can build what you want in your area with a DCP (Development Control Plan). This can have a major impact on whether it is possible to add a story, whether you can change the façade or adjust your building to landscaping ratio. A building permit application should also be subject to a standard processing time, as these differ considerably between city councils.

2. Prepare a wish list

Please list your wants in a column. Your needs should appear in the other. If you face tough choices, you can then determine what should be your priority. If you wish to remodel your kitchen, you can wait until after the plaster ceiling is installed in the bedroom.

3. Define your budget

Before meeting with your interior designer and contractor, estimate the costs in your head. You can then discuss the options with your contractor.

To avoid going broke halfway through the project, you need to figure out your budget.
Ensure you have the funding you need before you begin your project.

4. Look at the calendar

If any important events are taking place in your place, make sure the renovation timeline aligns with them. A few weeks before hosting a family gathering, you would not want to plan any major renovations.

5. Start searching for a contractor

Asking for recommendations is a common practice. However, now you can match yourself with top interior designers and proceed with an online bidding process with contractors with a variety of online platforms.

6. Do you need an architect?

Find out if the architect’s design philosophy and style are compatible with your vision for your home by interviewing them. The fees of architects fluctuate and are calculated between 12 and 20% of the budget, so make sure you hire someone who is ready to earn their fees!

7. Or might be a draftsperson?

Work up various of your own designs before hiring a draftsperson so that when it comes time to hire professionals, you already know all of the rooms, their dimensions, finishes, and the placement of windows and doors.

8. Hiring a builder

It’s not always easy to find a good builder. Look for recommendations among friends and colleagues who might know builders you can hire. Also, pay close attention to the quality and type of work they have performed in the past. As you listen to these recommendations, you will be able to shorten your list of builders to a few that you can add to those the architect or draftsperson already knows.

9. Get a final quote

The plans can be sent to builders for quoting once the DA has been approved by the council and any revisions are needed. Prices differ a great deal, so it is necessary to spend some time finding out why. Others are very precise in the details and include what is included and what isn’t in their quote so that these high estimates will cover them. Consider which builder’s quote includes and excludes modifications (changes that are not provisioned for in the contract) before deciding on one.

10. Make arrangements for the household

Get ready for renovations to take place. If the electricity or water will be turned off during your visit, reserve a temporary storage space for your furnishings.

11. If Possible, Build An Oasis For Yourself

Ensure that the chaos will not disturb or disturb a room. Provide all the distraction equipment you may need. The TV, the electric kettle, a yoga mat, earplugs, etc.


Create a budget for the entire renovation project once you have gone through the home renovation checklist. You should seek out a contractor or interior designer to assist you with the renovation project. When you have a proper plan, checklist, and budget, working with your contractor will be much easier and smoother.

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