Difference Between Mobile Home Water Heater and Regular Water Heater

difference between mobile home water heater and regular water heater

For any household, hot water is necessary like cleaning, bathing, and proper disinfection. In mobile home units and single-family homes, water is heated and transferred to showerheads and faucets by a water heater.

When going to purchase a water heater, you will come across a number of options. There is no need to thank the highly competitive heater industry. In the market, you can find many options of water heater brands, some of which use false advertisement designs for marketing.

Because of this reason, it is difficult to go and find the right choice for your needs.
Apart from the water heater capacity, one of the things you should consider is the type of head you must use. You will be confused between a regular heater and a bathroom or water heater specifically designed for mobile homes.

It is complicated enough to buy a water heater, but what if you want to buy a mobile home water heater? If you live in a mobile home, do you need one?

Are they really different from regular water heaters? Chances are already there that water heater installed if you live in a mobile home. However, even with the best of care, water heaters don’t last forever.

If this is the time to replace your old mobile home water heater, plenty of questions will probably come into your mind.

This article will help you to buy a new water heater for a mobile home. We are here to help you with all your queries and help you understand the difference between a mobile home water heater and a regular water heater.

What is a Mobile Home Water Heater?

It is normal to think of mobile home water heaters and they are similar to regular water heaters. They serve the same purpose after all.

However, there are some main differences that hinder and stop them from getting interchanged.

And as mobile homes are also known as manufactured homes, you may find these water heaters labeled in other ways.

H.U.D (The US Department of Housing and Urban Development) forms some standards that separate regular heaters from mobile home water heaters.

It is important to monitor that only those water heaters can be used in mobile homes which are approved by H.U.D.

Well, the name suggests the aim of the unit. There are many people who used to live in mobile homes like a caravan. These exceptional vans now come with the option of allowing you to install a heater inside them. You cannot, however, attach your generic heaters.

What you want are mobile home water heaters. These are perfect for mobile houses and will have your support always no matter what. Along with that, they are reliable and durable like your conventional water heater.

Regular Water Heater

As compared to the above-mentioned heaters, these are best for conventional use. These heaters have more space, which lets you use them for anything without any worry.

Digressively, you will not be able to install such a unit in your mobile home.

Sometimes, there is a thing known as code compliance, and it tells the minimum criteria that a water heater has to do to make sure that you get a good experience.

Anyhow, H.U.D safety approvals and the codes for mobile home water are quite different.

The difference between mobile home water heater and regular water heater

The law will make you think surely, what is the difference between the two. Generally, the main differences between the two types of water heaters are:

Supply of Power

You would have to choose between two types of water supply for a regular water heater- gas or propane.

In the case of a mobile water heater, both of the power supplies are present in one piece of equipment. The reason is the mobile heater contains interchangeable propane and gas orifices.

This feature simply makes this kind of water heater pricier. This is important, however, you can use the heater whether the mobile home uses propane or natural gas.

Position of connections

Another difference is the position of the cold and hot water inlet connection. In the case of a regular water heater, all the connections are present at the top. Whereas, in mobile home water, the hot water inlet connection is present at the top. The cold water hose is connected on its side.

Availability of securing strap kit

The securing strap kit is present only in the mobile home water heater. The kit is designed for a more convenient and easy installation process.

As the name suggests, it is used to secure the heater in place which is important as the mobile home is used to travel from one place to another more often.

T&P Valve and Fixed Temperature Setting

The mobile home water heaters need to contain pressure and temperature relief valve, however, they must also have a non-adjustable temperature setting.

Though on all water heaters, T&P valves are standard, a traditional heater lets the owners of the home adjust the settings of their water temperatures.

Fuel Source Flexibility

If you go for the gas-fueled heater, it will be designed to work on both natural and propane gas. This provides flexibility to use any available fuel whether natural gas or propane.

As mobile homes are moveable and moved from one position to another, more flexibility is important as natural gas is not present everywhere you go.

Below is the comparison table for you:

Regular water heatersMobile Home water heaters
SecuringBolt the unit somewhereSecure straps for an unyielding and firm installation
PriceLess expensiveMore expensive
Water inletsHot and cold water inlets present on the topHot and cold water inlets are present at the two ends
ConstructionLong-lived build and sturdyDurable and long-lasting
OperationCan run both on natural gas and propaneCan work either with gas or propane

Can a regular water heater be installed in a mobile home?

No. As mentioned above, mobile heaters have different requirements and must be compliant with H.U.D to make sure they are safe to use in mobile homes. It is actually against the law to use mobile water heaters in a mobile home if it does not have the H.U.D safety approval.

It is also important to take into consideration the warranty.

The Bottom Line

You are totally familiar now with the difference between mobile home water heater and regular water heater. So, choosing the correct one for your mobile home or home should no longer be a difficult task.

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