Best Non Slip Bath Mats for Elderly

best non slip bath mats for elderly
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Having the best anti-slip mats for seniors and elderly people in homes is very important as bathrooms are famous for being the most unsafe place in the whole house.

Mostly, fall-related accidents are caused by slipping in the bathroom. However, this can be reduced significantly by having a proper anti-slip shower mat in the bathroom for seniors and the elderly.

Have you ever encountered a slip in the bathroom? It is not dependent on the age of an individual. It is a matter of frustration when your feet slip from under you. This can be avoided to place the best non-slip mat in front of the shower or tub.

You may be wondering how to ensure maximum safety during bathing if you are in an elderly household or there is some elder relative. There is a wide variety of non-slip bath mats for senior people and finding the best one might be a challenge.

In this guide, we have enlisted the best non-slip mats for the elderly.

7 Best Non Slip Bath Mats for Elderly

Getting in and out of the shower or bathtub can be a bit risky and dangerous. Definitely, this can be the situation for senior persons or people with some disabilities. 

It is helpful to have a non-slip floor mat to avoid any risk and provide solid traction and maintain balance.

Below are the best non-slip bathroom floor mats for the elderly:


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Gorilla Grip Shower Mat
  • Ultra Powerful Grip & Oversized
  • Design for Maximum Comfort
  • Machine Washable & Easy Cleaning
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Gorilla Grip Soft Absorbent
  • Soft and Plush Chenille
  • Great Resistant against Slip
  • Durable Rubber Backing
  • Ultra Absorbent & Dires Quickly
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AmazerBath Bath Tub Mat
  • Maintenance & Cleaning is Easy
  • 200 Powerful Suction Cups
  • Large Bathtub Mat
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Epica Non Slip Bathtub Mat
  • Designed for Ultimate Safety
  • Non Slip - Suction System
  • Multiple High Strength Suction Cups
  • Resist Odors & Stains
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Yimobra Memory Foam Bath
  • Super Water Absorption
  • Cozy Memory Foam
  • Non Slip Backing
  • Machine Wash & Dry
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Navy Blue Bathroom Rug
  • Ultra Thick & Absorbent
  • Offer good Suction Power
  • Easy Care
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  • Ultra Soft & Absorbent
  • Upgraded Non-Slip Backing
  • Versatile Solid Colors
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1. Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath Shower

For elderly choices, this is one of the top best non-skid bath mats because it ensures maximum grip and works on all sorts of surfaces. The mat is made of rubber making it easy to clean and has a sleek design. It has a perfect texture for bathroom tiles and shower floors.

It has a large number of suction cups means it doesn’t move and stays in one place and is BPA-free. Moreover, it is a great option for any bathroom type because of the suction power and it has a modern appearance.

The mat has a textured upper part so that the elders have support and traction when stepping into the shower or bath. For elders, it is one of our favorite safety shower mats and it is completely sturdy and ultra-safe.


Anti-bacterial and mildew-resistant shower matPlastic smell
Cleaning is easyRequire bleach treatment with time
Range of colorways

2. Gorilla Grip Original Chenille Bathroom Rug Mat

If you are looking for mats for the elderly with a textured surface, then this option of for you. This smaller size non-slip shower mat is perfect for you and provides a plush surface.

This design is resistant to mildew on the bottom and is cleaned easily using extremely strong suction. This shower mat can be placed in a tumble dryer for drying needs and is one of the mats with textured surfaces. Its job is to prevent slipping and is very comfortable.

This soft pile non-slip shower mat provides more comfort for elders who consider safety as the first priority during bath times. It is available in a wide range of colors and can be customized to fit the existing design.

It is ideal for protection against falling whether you use this non-toxic shower mat for a bath or shower mat.

It has a plush texture along with anti-bacterial propertiesDue to fabric, it may need more cleaning
Can be washed in the machine and dried
With added comfort, it has great resistance against slip

3. AmazerBath Bath Mat

This product is of top quality and affordable making sure it is a safe solution for seniors during bath time. The mat is designed with extra-strong suction cups and is among the top products.

For extra convenience, the larger size offers a drainage hole and this mat is best for both bath use and shower. It has 200 strong suction cups present underneath with a guarantee of providing reassurance.

The material used is of high quality and BPA-free. The mat is easy to clean and totally non-toxic resistant against mildew and mold.

This is one of the most popular mats overall, providing everything you want for a bathtub or square shower.


Offers quality anti-slip bath suction cupsFor complete function, it requires a bit of water
The mat is entirely non-toxic
Maintenance and cleaning are easy

4. Epica Anti-Slip Machine Washable Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat

The key for the bathroom mat is anti-slip material. This brand is one of the top safe bath mats. The design is simple and provides everything you need from the best anti-slip bath mat for seniors.

It has hundreds of suction cups on the mat, you can stand making sure it will stay absolutely in place. It is not machine-washed and not easy to maintain and clean.

They are famous for their textured surfaces with the provision of traction for stepping into the shower or bath.

If you are looking for a normal-sized nonslide shower mat option, this is a great product with a wide range of colors. The mat comes at a lower price and the suction cups will give you absolute peace of mind.


Machine washableNot attractive like others
Anti-bacterial material
Wide range of colors

5. Yimobra Memory Foam Bath mat

It is a mat you want to put on any shower floor because of its cushioned memory foam. Yimobra has the nicest textured surfaces in an anti-slip bathtub mat, there is a lot to love about this specific product. It is available in a wide range of colors and can be customized according to your choice.

This mat offers incredible absorption of water regardless of fabric and for extra convenience, it can be machine washed. The product increases the safety of the bathroom and is great for all age groups.


Versatile in sizeNeeds regular washing
Fantastic water absorptionNot good against bacteria
Memory foam offers supreme comfort

6. Chenille Striped Rug Slip Bath Mat

Another famous machine washable bathroom mat for seniors. The ultra-thick plush materials are not common in non-skid bath mats, but it makes a huge difference.

The mat offers a soft cushioned step in and out of the shower and supreme comfort with the perfect texture. It offers a great hold with many suction cups making sure it sticks to all types of bathroom floors. The overall design is appealing and compliments any home with a subtle color strip.

The feet feel both cozy and supported whenever the mat is utilized and it is very absorbent whereas it doesn’t offer drainage holes.

Due to the soft surface and nice color scheme, it is definitely a favorite. It works best for anyone with balance problems or someone who wants extra care stepping in and out of the shower or bathtub.


Comfortable More washing because of material
Offers good suction power
Simple design with a subtle stripe

7. VANZAVANZU Ultra Soft Absorbent Bathtub Mat

You can buy these bathtub mats for your own bathroom designs at a great price. It is suitable for both stepping into the tub and shower. It is loved because of the softness and absorbance provided by it.

It is versatile in size with a wide range of color schemes. This mat fulfills all your requirements with plenty of suction cups and Epica snit slip technology.

The locking fabric material means that the mat won’t be left soggy and is suitable for machine washing too.


Fiber locking materialMay need washing more often
Can be washed in the machine.
uses great anti-slip technology
non slip shower mats for the elderly
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Why there is a need for the best nonslip shower mats for the elderly?

There are some reasons why there is a need for a non-slip shower mat inside and outside of the shower for every senior person.

  • Slippery Showers- the shower area has some form of tile flooring, which can be slippery when soapy and wet and much more if not cleaned regularly and properly. Seniors may not resist and hold slipping which results in falls which are more dangerous and risky for seniors as compared to younger people.
  • Imbalance- Additionally, older people generally have less balance on their feet and are a bit unstable, which can ultimately increase the risk of falling and slipping in the shower.
  • Slippery Tiles Outside The Shower- additionally inside the shower, many individuals have similar hard flooring or have tiles in their bathrooms, which is also a slipping risk when getting out of the shower or bath. Many bath and shower rugs are not anti-slip and can increase the chances of falling and slipping.

Benefits of the Non Slip Bath Mats for Elderly

  • Inside the shower- a mat present inside the shower can enhance your balance and grip and also provide a comfortable and softer floor to stand on. There is little risk of slipping and falling, and the matt perfectly stays in place because of the suction cups present at the bottom.
  • Outside the shower- a mat present outside the shower with a silicon bottom or non-slip rubber keeps the mat properly in position. You also now have a comfortable and soft, absorbent area to stand on while you dry off yourself.

Features of good non-slip shower mats for elderly

  • Materials- in a shower mat, rubber or PVC are good hypoallergenic choices, moreover, Latex is also a good material and safe to use. The mat should be durable and thick along with easy washing in a machine. Most shower mats are mold and mildew-resistant, antibacterial and rubber provide some water-resistant.
  • Suction cups- for non-slip properties, the suction cups are important, and in such situations, the more the merrier. For a secure non-slip fit in the shower, most mats offer 100 up to 500 suction cups.
  • Size- a large surface area of protection that you can easily stand and move around, is provided by a large shower mat, however, ensure it securely fits in your shower other than the one being too big.
  • Drainage Holes- this feature is also important if you don’t like to stand in a puddle of water and risk mildew and mold growth on the mat. One large drainage hole in the center and a small drainage hole at the sides over the hole are perfect and available in most shower mats.
  • Out of shower mats- with the tile flooring in your bathroom, it is important to have a plush and absorbent, and non-slip secure mat outside the shower to stand on. Plush or soft cotton or microfiber on top and silicone or rubber bottom for safe placement is perfect.
  • Comfort- some people have ticklish and more sensitive skin as compared to others, despite of their age. The texture of the mat must be comfortable and soft on the feet however, hard enough to be water-resistant and durable.
  • Skid feature/ non-slip- the number of suction cups should be more and large enough for effective traction. When water is splashed on it, the mat should have patterns on the top to make it non-slippery. The slippery mat nullifies the purpose in the bathroom.
  • Anti-bacterial- bacteria can be present anywhere, however it has more growth rate in a moist and damp environment like the bathroom. You should purchase a shower safety antibacterial mat.
  • Fast drying- it should have the property of fast-drying irrespective of weather and environment. A slippery and wet mat can increase the growth of microorganisms and can be dangerous too.
  • Easy to clean- irrespective of the weather and environment, it should have fast-drying properties. A slippery and wet mat can encourage microbial growth and can be risky.


The above-mentioned mats are best for both bathtubs and showers and are ranked top for anti-slip properties. You should always consider the best non slip bath mats for elderly when designing your bathroom and the different safety points too, especially when living with elders. You will never have to worry about accidents with the help of a safety mat and can reduce accidents to a minimum.

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